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Testimonial for Bonne Foi Skin Care

Aug 28, 2013


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Testimonial from Karen for Bonne Foi

I just turned 58 and until about two years ago my skin looked pretty good for my age. I felt pretty smug about that, but I began to notice that my pores appeared larger, small brown spots showed up on the left side of my face. They were not that noticeable at first, but as time went on they kind of spread out a bit. I would put concealer on them, but in a few hours they would be visible again.

I tried some of the over the counter skin care products, both the expensive and some not so expensive ones, and while they felt good when I first applied them, they didn’t seem to have much, if any effect on my wrinkles or brown spots. Then a friend told me to try Bonne Foi. I thought, here we go again.

I had nothing to lose, and while the cost of Bonne Foi is certainly higher than some over the counter brands, it’s less expensive than the high end products I had tried. After two weeks I noticed my skin was softer, smoother and after a month, those brown spots had virtually disappeared.

I am sold on Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care and I don’t need anything else. I even had my niece who is in her 20’s try it. She has mild acne and after using Bonne Foi for a while, her skin is clear and unblemished.

Thank you Shirley, thank you Bonne Foi!!


Relief From Frizzy Hair

Aug 24, 2013


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 It’s summer time at the beach and those of us with wavy hair love the weather and the beach, but we HATE what it does to our hair. Without getting a Keratin hair treatment, there is no way we can get within a mile of the beach this time of year and not get the frizzies.

What is a girl, or guy, to do? Here is what they said in a recent post at Vogue:

The excess moisture in the air really does create excess frizz,” says New York City hairstylist Harry Josh, who explains that the battle for better hair starts in the shower. Rich shampoos and conditioners with a creamy texture create a smooth base for each strand. The minute you step out, Josh suggests working a humidity-proofing formula like John Frieda Frizz-Ease or Moroccan oil Treatment into the hair while it’s still sopping wet. “Once the air hits your hair, it starts to frizz—but if you apply the product quickly, it will keep the strands together as they dry.” Whether you blast it with the blowdryer or let it dry naturally, he also stresses the importance of keeping your hands out of your hair throughout the remainder of the day. “When you touch your hair, the follicles start to separate and it creates a halo of [fuzz].

We have found that our Keratin Hair Treatment will also help with those frizzies. If you apply it to your wet hair, comb it through and let your hair mostly air dry, it will keep your hair looking smoother. A ceramic flat iron will also help to keep your hair smoother longer if it is the sleek style you are going for. If your hair is closer to curly than just wavy, then use our Keratin Hair Treatment, and braid your hair. Let it dry, and when you undo the braids you will have soft summer waves. It braiding you hair sounds like too much work, or it’s too short, perhaps an over the counter curling gel or foam would work well for you.

No matter what, putting up with frizzy hair all summer can be a thing of the past when you try these suggestions.

Bonne Foi


Story of Bonne Foi and Me

Aug 20, 2013


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Three years or so ago I was introduced to Shirley, the founder of Bonne Foi. I was contracted to help with marketing and social media; I have been working with her since then. As a way to get to know the quality of Bonne Foi’s products, Shirley offered me some samples of her skin care line. I was excited to try the products, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the time I began using Bonne Foi I had several blotchy brown spots on the left side of my face, and plenty of wrinkles. Because I had tried so many other products, like Shirley herself had, I was skeptical that I would see any real results.

Over a period of just a few weeks, something began to happen. The first thing I noticed as I was applying makeup one morning was that my brown spots were gone. Next I noticed the dry wrinkles around my eyes were less noticeable. And my niece was giving me a kiss goodbye one day and she said Auntie your face is so soft.

I have years and years of sun exposure and I smoked, so some of what I have done to my skin will never totally go away, but my skin does look better than it had and I am now three years older. That is saying something. Recently I ran out of my Bonne Foi products was really busy with work and kept neglecting to order more. I looked in the mirror last week and saw things on my face that I didn’t care for. My skin looked dry and patchy, there were new wrinkles, I thought this is it, I need my Bonne Foi!! I called Shirley in a bit of a panic and asked her to rush an order out to me. I have had my Bonne Foi products for three days now and my skin already looks and feels softer. I won’t let that happen again, I will order in ADVANCE !

For those of you who don’t already know it, here is the story of Bonne Foi:

“ In a chance meeting I was introduced to the gentleman who was to become our chemist for Bonne Foi. He has been working anti-aging products for more than a decade. His formula was based on the theory developed by Dr. Peter Agre. In 2003, Dr. Agre won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his ground-breaking discovery of aquaporins. The Chemist who went on to formulate Bonne Foi was in the process of developing a skin care line based upon Dr. Agre’s breakthrough research. In part, it allowed for water to penetrate our skin right down to the cell level when introduced using his formula.

I was given some samples of his work. When I first got the lab vials contain his anti-aging solution, I was not certain I would even try it. It just sat on my dresser because I wasn’t convinced his solution would be better than top brand ones I was already using. One day, after using these other products for so long, I had reached a plateau. While my skin looked well than it once had, it was still not the texture and smoothness I had hoped to attain. I was at the point of losing the faith in my quest to improve the look and feel of my skin.

One day I said, enough, and I finally decided to stop using all other skin care products. I thought I needed to give his formula a try. I told myself this is crazy behavior, to put aside all of these highly regarded, expensive skin care products, but they just weren’t delivering the results I wanted.  Deep down in my heart I knew I wasn’t just looking for another skin care product, I was looking for a miracle to rejuvenate the skin from inside out!

Three days later, I looked into the mirror and noticed I looked different, but couldn’t pinpoint where and what?  At first, I thought maybe I had gained a pound or so because my face looked fuller and the texture of my skin looked smoother and softer.  When I tried on my jeans and they still fit fine, I knew that was not the case. One week passed by, every morning when I first woke up I looked into the mirror and asked myself “is a dream come true, is this a miracle is happening?”

Yes, a miracle did happen. The test product that is now Bonne Foi not only improved my skin PH balance, it also brought back a healthy complexion. It tightened my pores and made my acne scars less noticeable. Many of my friend noticed my skin tone had become lighter and was glowing beautifully.

With this amazing discovery, I start getting curious about this product. Why, after all these years of  using other top brand anti-aging skin care, was there not a notable  difference, yet with this product I  had felt and seen remarkable differences in only two weeks? The more questions that I raised, the more extensive research I did. I had numerous meetings and in depth discussions with the chemist in the following months. He explained his special technique which involved a lengthy process to develop the final product.  Every Bonne Foi product has been processed using this same secret method. I knew I had at last found the ultimate answer for the fountain of youth after lifetime spent searching.

It was my faith which leads me down this path.  My faith there was something better out there. It leads me to this chemist, and together we have developed this new, natural, anti-aging skin care line. “Bonne Foi” means “Good Faith” and with this good faith, I believe we have the answer of how to formulate products which can rejuvenate our skin and greatly slow down the aging process. Bonne Foi contains 90% of natural ingredients, and no harmful chemicals.

My wish is for everyone to continue grows old gracefully, and “Bonne Foi” will be with you all the way. With good faith and good wishes, I offer my Bonne Foi to you and yours.

Shirley Hsueh “


Skin Care In Your 70’s

Aug 16, 2013


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 Just because you are in your 70’s doesn’t mean that you should give up caring about how you look. Unless you get extensive plastic surgery, even with our Bonne Foi products you are going to face having some wrinkles. But you can minimize the effect of aging on your skin and still look good for your age.

Things you can do in your 70’s to keep yourself looking good and feeling young:

1.      Try to get adequate sleep

2.      Stay active and involved. If your circle of friends has begun to shrink, don’t let that slow you down. Find something you like to do and volunteer!

3.      Take a walk every day. If you are a morning person, put those sneakers on first thing in the morning and just go. Don’t let your mind make excuses.

4.      Laugh. Every day presents challenges, let’s face it that is just a part of life. Chances are the only people who have no challenges are dead. So accept your challenges, face them head on, and keep going.

5.      Use your Bonne Foi skin care products to keep your skin protected and looking it’s best.

6.      Give yourself an egg white facial once a week while you read a good book

7.      Eat as many fresh fruits and veggies and you can.

Enjoy each day that you are alive, some days may be better than others, but every day is a gift.

Bonne Foi


Look and Feel Younger !

Aug 14, 2013


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 Every day we take care of the skin on our body  But, do we take the extra care of the skin on our face, neck and décolleté?  Our face is what we see in the mirror and how we communicate with people, so why not go that extra “step” to truly take care of our “mirror image”?  We can do this by using both a daily skin care system, like our Bonne Foi natural skin care products,  as well as adding a bit of natural, organic “zest”like a home made sugar scrub. And a few simple facial exercises……including laughter!  Our emotions show on our faces without a doubt!

In your daily skin care, there are very important things to remember.  It’s so easy to over cleanse, yet if we do, the natural pH balance of our skin is disrupted which can lead to acne breakouts or extremely dry skin.  The use of toners should be minimal, with the season in mind. Bonne Foi’s products are formulated to naturally balance your PH and they are purposefully formulated to be mild. Fragrancesin product can be irritating to some,  so if you can, try to go with products that are fragrance-free as this can cause a reaction with people who have sensitive skin.  Moisturizers are essential and finding one for your skin type can be confusing.  It is essential to determine whether you need a “regular” or oil-free product.  It is best to go with a formula that is hypoallergenic and will not cause your pores to be blocked.  As always, sunscreen is so important.  Be sure to choose one that is more nature-based and is oil-free (if your skin requires this), and one that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  These ingredients are much less likely to irritate and have more blocking power from the sun’s rays.

There are also many ways to add natural and organic skincare to what we use every day.  One of these is lemons and water.  We can use it externally, as well as make sure we put a slice of lemon into our drinking water.  Lemons are alkaline and create a pH neutral effect on our skin from the outside in or the inside out!  Here is one idea you might like to try.  In the morning, fill a bowl with ice cold water with the juice of a lemon and plunge your face into it for several seconds.  It is a natural toner that allows your skin’s pH to stay balanced and the chill of the water closes your pores after cleansing.  Lemons can also be used to lighten and eliminate age spots.  Neem oil is another organic product that is great for eliminating acne breakouts.  Sunscreen is great for preventing premature wrinkling and aging of the skin and can even reverse some damage. Another great product is thermal spray water that I have spoken of before.  It provides great hydration before moisturizing.

Exercise is so important to our bodies, yet we do not think about it when it comes to our face.  Laugh!  It is a great way to look younger!  As well as laughter, there are facial exercises that will help rid you of frown lines and eliminate wrinkles or at least make them less apparent over time. Here is one exercise to help reduce frown lines.  Done over a few weeks time, the results will show by increasing circulation and oxygen.  Place your index fingers on your forehead above both eye, and push up against them with your eyebrows.  With your fingertips, resist this movement.  Do this 8-10 times and then relax your face.  Repeat this exercise five times.  Try this for two weeks and see the difference!

Take care of your skin by choosing the right products for you, laugh often and give your skin a boost with exercise!


Fruit Facts!!

Aug 9, 2013


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Surprising facts about fruit

We are all fully aware that fruit has many beneficial attributes, but I’m betting that you don’t know these quite yet. It seems that the harvest of natural sweetness has hidden effects on your skin, growth, health and even cure/prevent Cancer. Here are a few examples of these amazing benefits that everyday produce can do for you.

Sugar canes are the main source of glycolic acid. Using hydroxyacetic acid and AHA (glycolic acids) is a good way to battle the signs of skin aging. It is also perfect for people experiencing acne and blackheads.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is the ultimate anti-aging cellular rejuvenator. Highly emollient, protective and nourishing, it is rich in antioxidants, conjugated fatty acids, gentle phytoestrogens and various nutrients recognized as essential for good health.

More effective than green tea and red wine in fighting the free radicals that cause premature aging, recent studies report that Pomegranate Seed Oil can actually strengthen and promote regeneration of the epidermis, which may help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

The variety of nutrients found in apricots are very beneficial for good eyesight and also help to prevent heart disease and other ailments. Apricots are also rich in powerful antioxidants, such as Lycopene, helping to promote wellness and strengthen the immune system. The healthy fruits are also a good source of fiber, beneficial for healthy digestion.

Watermelons are an excellent source of several vitamins: vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and is an antioxidant; vitamin C, which helps strengthen immunity, heal wounds, prevent cell damage, promote healthy teeth and gums; and vitamin B6, which helps brain function and helps convert protein to energy.

The excitement over the potential benefit is understandable. In the animal studies, raspberry ketones appear to alter the animals’ metabolism. As a result, the animals had a:

Speed-up in the processing of fat Reduction of fatty tissue, especially in the liver

In the animal studies, raspberry ketones also seemed to affect the production of certain hormones that increase the body’s ability to burn fat.

Now remember that these are only a few of the many positive effects of fresh fruit.   Do a little research on your favorite fruit and keep an eye out for a family member’s too. Sharing in this case, is caring.


Bonne Foi




Iconic Betsey Johnson

Aug 8, 2013


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Cool.  Hip.  Iconic.  FUN!  Betsey Johnson is one of the coolest fashion designers to ever live.  Her career has spanned almost five decades.  This goes to show you that age is just a number.  Betsey has forty-five years of fashion design and creation under her belt and is someone who reminds us to have fun with life in everything we do.  There is nothing like a pair of pink and black socks with a gold lightning bolt or a black scarf scattered with bright stars and “Betsey XOX”!  When I wear my pink and black BJ socks with the gold lightning bolts on them, I cannot help thinking about them as I walk down the street.  From eclectic dresses to floral or leopard print nighties to socks and wildly printed bags, her creations never cease to amaze.  Betsey’s trademark blonde locks and cartwheels at the end of her fashion shows have not stopped despite the fact that she is now 70!  Her designs say “Have fun with fashion no matter your age”!   Dresses, hats, tights, belts, shoes…….the list does not end and all of it is full of life.  She is known for bright colors and out-of-the-box prints, or more than anything, bringing a smile to the wearer.


Betsey Johnson has survived the fashion industry because she is so different and has been able to move with the trends.  “Whimsical” says it best with a touch of the bohemian, as well as detail.  There is something for everyone.  This makes her a survivor in an ever-evolving industry.  Her imagination is limitless.  I say “Rock and Roll”, take a chance and wear a design created by “Betsey” and enjoy a walk on the wild side!




Bonne Foi