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Leopard Fashionista!

Oct 29, 2013


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Leopard print….a dash or a smash…..from scarves to shoes to leggings and dresses to bags of every type! And, especially now, a great leopard print jacket for the cooler weather is always on trend and has been a mainstay of the fashion runways this year. Here a few tips to think about when adding a bit of leopard or “animal” print to your wardrobe. It’s a great way to capture the eye and add pizzazz to your outfit, but so important to pay attention to how it will work for you. First, remember that adding a “dash” is great with the rest of your ensemble being more neutral. Second, keep it simple. Remember that adding a scarf, bag or shoes to your outfit which has clean, simple lines works best.

Third, if an entire piece of clothing in leopard print is too bold for you, stick with the “dash”, rather than going with the smash! Fourth, be careful in your choice of fabrics when choosing an item of clothing. Go with what flatters your body and style. And, last but not least, my fifth tip….if you are going with leopard print, stay with the “traditional” colors rather than the neon version of the print. Stay with the “real” life colors and add to your wardrobe which will always be “on trend”! From hats, dresses, tops, scarves, and bags to swimsuits, there are a limitless amount of choices that will add to your wardrobe and always be a part of it! Have fun with this “year after year” trend and be fierce!

Fall Get Together Recipes

Oct 25, 2013


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What to serve at your first fall get together? Well, usually the evenings are cooler in the fall so how about something warm and comforting, but not too difficult to whip up?

I found this on the Food Network: Bobby Flay cooking up some Scrumptious Looking Garlic shrimp. Whip up some great margaritas or mojitos,an nice Greek Salad with an basic Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing, sprinkle on a little fresh goat cheese, and you have a lovely autumn dinner..


Beautiful, Soft Hair with Bonne Foi Keratin Formula

Oct 22, 2013


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At Bonne Foi we know the most common complaint of men and women is dry, brittle hair. As a natural skin care company, people are always asking me how to keep their hair soft and shiny. The top cause of dry, brittle hair in women is styling. We blow dry; we hot iron, use electric rollers or a curling iron on a daily basis. We bleach our hair with red tones for the winter and blonde tones for the summer.

At  salons, they sell several different brands of high quality hair products. In general they use more natural ingredients, less phosphates and more ingredients that help maintain a positive PH balance, which is essential for shiny, soft hair. 

Beyond that, if you wash your hair every day and style it every day using all the styling equipment we girls use, no matter what products you use, all of these things contribute to keeping our hair from looking its best.  But there is something that will help not only women but men as well. 

After you shower, towel dry your hair gently, and apply our Bonne Foi Keratin Hair Treatment. Keratin is a building block of hair, and our special formula will help your hair gain back its natural texture and shine.  Then let your hair dry naturally, with no blow drying or styling. If you wash your hair every day, stop doing that. Skip a day. If you need to color your hair, keep the color as close to your natural shade, in fact the expert recommend you go no further than three shades away from your real hair color. It will need less processing and will dry your hair less.

And remember, no matter what length your hair, long, shoulder length or chin length, have it trimmed regularly to keep those split ends from spoiling your look!!

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Elle and Bonne Foi Both Like Pink for Winter !

Oct 10, 2013


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Pink is the new black!!

Every couple of years or so the fashion industry comes out with a statement like “Grey is the new black!!” I think that is a statement which only women or men who follow fashion will understand.

You see, black is a go to color for most wardrobes. Almost everything goes with black; a little black dress can be dressed up in different ways, and depending upon the style, can go from day into evening. You can’t go wrong with a few good black garments in your wardrobe. Dressy black pants, and black pencil skirt, a black suit and that infamous little black dress. Keep in mind that it’s a color that mixes well with basic or darker colors. Anything light will clash but certain lighter hues can make it pop with a serious backing.

People of all different ages use Bonne Foi natural skin care, but a good portion of our customers grew up during the late 60’s and early 70’s, where we spent more of our fashion time trying to be unique and colorful. Pink, long considered the go to color of women who supposedly were very soft and feminine, was ostracized as a color. It is the safe version of RED. Red is the color of fire and passion, defiance and strength, while pink was perceived to be docile, cute and somewhat harmless; the exact antithesis of RED. But Pink is regaining it’s power these days. My friend, who is also a Match Maker, told me there is research that shows MEN are very attracted to the color pink on women. Pink lipstick is a big attraction to most men.

Elle Magazine had an interesting take on Pink for fall:

“Pink, as you have probably noticed by now, is having a major moment this season. No, we’re not talking Barbie pink or fuchsia, but more subtle shades of the dusty rose, pastel, and cherry blossom varietals. Making it look edgy and sophisticated, however, is the key, and it’s simpler than you might think.

Take a cue from many of the street-style stars, like Vika Gazinskaya, Chelsea Leyland, and Mia Moretti, who rocked the hue during fashion month. If you are feeling bold, opt for a monochrome, all-pink look. A tailored, menswear-inspired suit, for example, would curb any overly girlish notions.”

To that end,  we at Bonne Foi surmise that Pink is once again becoming a color that independent and powerful women are willing to wear. So, the next time one of your girlfriends says that pink is a soft girly color, go ahead and prove them wrong.

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Bonne Foi for Fall

Oct 2, 2013


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As the beauty of fall descends, cooler weather comes with it.  And, with this, our skincare routine needs to be changed just as the leaves turn with the cold frosts so that we maintain our skin’s outer “beauty”.

The most important part of your regime should be to give your skin more hydration at this time of the year compared to the summer months.  Bonne Foi’s moisturizer is a great thing to put on in the morning before you apply your makeup. A little hint, if you wear liquid makeup, just mix a tiny bit of it in with your makeup. It is also important is to take into consideration your location.  If you live in the frigid temperatures of the northeast or any other location with snow, wind and sleet, you will definitely want to consider a moisturizer that is much more intense and has ingredients such as Vitamin E, seaweed extracts, olive oil, to ensure that your skin maintains its “health”.   In addition, you need to consider your age and your skin type.  They all come into play when choosing the right “formula” for you.  Fortunately, Bonne Foi’s natural skin care is ph balanced and works pretty well with every skin type. 

Protect your skin even more by considering whether you have an indoor heating system which can dry your skin.  Humidifiers and plants can be a great solution to allowing your skin the best “ambience”!   Plants need water to survive, so as you water your plants, your plants will clean the air and release some of that moisture back into your home. 

Turn down the heat of your shower or bath. Hot water feels good, but it is really not good for our skin, so keep your showers short and warm instead of long and hot!! Apply lotion to your skin after you shower and before you go to bed, and be sure to wash your face before bed and apply our night time products, especially at this time of the year.

Just remember that hydration is the key to keeping your skin comfortable and healthy during the cooler months of the year.  Choose a routine that works best for your specific skin type by consulting with the experts at Bonne Foi!

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Bonne Foi- A Natural Skin Care Company

Oct 1, 2013


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Natural Skin Care, made in the USA, Bonne Foi

Bonne Foi is your local Natural Skin care company. We are made in the USA all the way. Our natural products are formulated based upon a Nobel Prize winning formula and delivered in beautiful packaging. We have told our story about the how’s and why of Bonne Foi’s development as a company. Basically, it was because our founder could not find a product on the market, expensive or not, that would make her skin look soft and firm, so she decided to make her own line of skin care products and offer them to other men and women with the same need. 

Bonne Foi works for all age groups and even on sensitive skin.  If you start our natural skin care line in your twenties, keep using your sunscreen and stay hydrated, your skin will stay soft, hydrated and smooth for many years. If you are consistent in your skin care regimen with Bonne Foi, and use your sunscreen, chances are you will not end up with wrinkles and brown age spots. 

If you are in your 40’s or 50’s don’t despair. Bonne Foi’s natural skin can help you, too. It repairs damage to sun damage by delivering moisture directly into the cells of your skin. It will fade those pesky brown age spots. Bonne Foi’s Keratin Hair treatment will take your dry and sun damaged hair, and repair the hair strands so they are once again strong, healthy looking and shiny. You can also even use it to set and style your hair. Our natural Keratin Treatment is not the same as the ones you get done in the salon. Those contain harsh chemicals in addition to Keratin, which are used to straighten hair. Our Keratin Hair Treatment works with your natural hair to strengthen your hair, it will not make curly hair straight.

We care about your skin, and we hope you love our products, and that you tell your friends and family about them. Remember, Bonne Foi is NOT just skin care for women; plenty of men use it too. Sun damage doesn’t care whether you are male or female. It is equal opportunity natural skin care product line, made right here in Surf City USA! 

Keep a watch on our Facebook page and here on our blog for our specials. And remember, if you are introducing our products to friends or family, we do have free samples!! 

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