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Getting Pretty for The Holidays

Nov 22, 2013


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Looking Good For Holiday Parties

Tis the time of the year when the celebrations begin. Company parties, friend parties, family get togethers usually begin just after Thanksgiving.  How important is it to you too look good at these events? Especially the company Christmas party. Some companies hold their annual party in great venues, are formal and they make you feel like a special person on a magical night. While some of these parties can be fun, it is important you look good and maybe show a more striking side of yourself.

Looking good is an important tools in your arsenal of tools used to advance your career. It’s never good to depart too drastically from your work day look by wearing too much makeup, but you have put some effort into looking special for this event. What if you don’t have a company party, what if it is just a neighborhood get together? Take a moment to step up your game. Wear a pair of black velvet pants, some Christmas ball earrings, mascara and a touch of blue-red lipstick!!

If you feel like you already have a handle on dressing well, and a good hair stylist, then please check out tips from for applying makeup just the right way:

“The Focus: Smoky, Seductive Eyes

The Pro’s Secrets

1. Apply an eye shadow primer that closely matches the color of your lids; a very thin layer is enough to keep the shadow from creasing, fading, or smudging—and won’t make the color look cakey.

2. Use a brush to blend a shimmery lavender eye shadow from your upper lash line to just above the crease of your lid. With a liner brush, trace the same shade below your bottom lashes. (Although the purple you see here flatters every skin tone, if you’re pale—and a little color-shy—you can try a lighter shade.)

3. Apply two coats of mascara. A volumnizing formula will add the length and thickness you need to match the dramatic effect of the colorful shadow.

Complete the Look Blend a raspberry blush on the apples of your cheeks—make sure it’s matte (shimmer on your eyes and face is too much of a good thing). A bronze lipstick is a perfect complement to bold, color-saturated eye makeup…”

Always remember, makeup won’t fix problems with your skin, so it is still important to use a natural skin care regimen that will keep your skin looking smooth and glowing, and please don’t forget to wash any makeup off your face before you go to bed…



It’s all in the Texture!

Nov 12, 2013


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Throughout our lives we go from the softest skin as babies to skin that develop flaws from being exposed to the elements and to daily stresses of life; but, who says we cannot gain where we have lost?  With the proper skin care products such as Bonne Foi offers, we can achieve healthier and softer textured skin. You will be amazed in the process!  By using specially developed serums and moisturizers, damage can be reduced or eliminated that has happened over time to achieve a new and improved texture.

Two of the products that are formulated to help with issues include the Cell Rejuvenation Tonic and the Nourishing Face Cream.  The first product is designed to balance the natural pH of your skin that is affected by activity levels you experience throughout the day and exposure to any UV rays, as well as any toxins or chemicals.  It allows moisture to infiltrate the cells of your skin which provides rejuvenation.

The Nourishing Face Cream is designed to be used either by day or night depending on your skin type.  It provides an extra “dose” of moisturizing and includes ingredients that work to make your skin more firm in texture.  The ingredients included in this deep moisturizer include shea butter, seaweed extract and beeswax.  These components work together to moisturize, protect and rejuvenate.

So, be “soft” with your skin and take care of it with products we offer at Bonne Foi and you will see wonderful results that take you back years and provide a healthy glow!

Protect Your Skin From Signs of Aging

Nov 4, 2013


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Protect Your Skin From Signs of Aging

Wrinkles and age spots have long been assumed to be  inevitable signs of growing older. Bonne Foi’s skin care proves that it’s simply not true. We now know that some of these signs of aging can be prevented simply by using sunscreen when you go outside. If you do get brown spots and wrinkles, you can reverse those simply by faithfully using our products.

At Bonne Foi, we developed our product line based on Nobel Prize-winning research which proved that the formulation in a skin care product can be effective right down at the cellular level. We have seen firsthand how after using our skin care products for less than a month, our customers have seen their brown age spots disappear completely. Our other products work together to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and our Keratin Hair treatment has helped people with dry, brittle hair to have soft, shiny hair once again.

The Bonne Foi skin care line also helps restore that youthful glow and it plumps up your skin cells so they appear fuller and your skin looks soft, not dried out. But skin care can’t do the whole job alone. Studies show that good nutrition plays a major role in how your skin looks and how you feel. Eating these types of foods will aid in keeping your skin and mind healthy. Check out this list from WebMd:

“Fish. Follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association and eat twice weekly, especially the fatty kind that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that offers a multitude of health benefits. Fruits and vegetables are powerhouses of antioxidants. Aim for a variety of colorful produce. Enjoy at least 5 servings per day for the maximum benefits. Whole grains provide soluble fiber to help lower blood cholesterol levels, and also have phytonutrient content equal to any fruit or vegetable. Strive for at least 3 daily servings. Legumes are unsung heroes, packed with nutrients similar to fruits and vegetables and with very few calories. Add them to your diet 3 to 4 times a week. Yogurt has all the benefits of dairy foods, plus probiotics that help add healthy bacteria to the intestines. Moores recommends eating a yogurt with active cultures as one of your 3 dairy servings each day. Nuts are a great source of B vitamins that are good for your heart and your brain. The healthy fats in nuts benefit the elastin and collagen in skin, helping to maintaining skin’s structure and keep it resilient. Small portions are advised, as nuts are high in calories. Water is essential for hydration of the skin, muscles, circulation, and all organs in the body. Enjoy 3-4 glasses of pure water in addition to other liquids and watery foods.”

Bonne Foi loves helping people look and feel good. That is the whole reason we developed and brought this product line to market. If you want better looking skin, whether you are 25 or 65, go to our site: www.bonne-foi and order some today.

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Anti-aging and looking younger is not just about Anti-aging skin care lines–it’s also about how you take care of yourself. We hope you take the best of care, and stay around a good long time.