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Fashion Fave

Oct 27, 2014


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Fall is here and soon the weather will begin to cool down. Although our change in seasons is not as colorful or cool as it is in other parts of the county, it is still fun to put the shorts and flowy dresses in the back of the closet and bring out the fall and winter clothes.

Here are a couple of Fall outfits from Glamour magazine that we just love;

Beauty & Life’s Stresses

Oct 17, 2014


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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ― Maya Angelou

Life, no matter where we live, can leave us at times overly stressed, it’s just a fact. And when we get stressed the side effects are lost sleep, poor eating habits and often a lack of exercise. All of which will show on our face, causing us to age faster than we would like.

It is important that we recognize when stress is getting the better of us. To stop, breathe, and take a moment to eliminate things from our life where we can, to commit to eating properly and perhaps even to meditate.Life and the experiences we go through make us who we are. It is how we handle the tough times that teaches us what is truly something to fret over, or when it’s something we should dismiss and walk away from. Sometimes it’s going through the tough times that teach us to be more compassionate and caring for others who are struggling.

So, when life gets hard, stop for a moment take time out to care of yourself, take a long soak in Epsom salts and Lavender and use your day time Bonne Foi facial products. Then have a nutritiousmeal filled with colorful veggies. Then read a good book and get ready to face the world once again. .


Bonne Foi

Fall Skin Care Tips

Oct 7, 2014


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Summer time is over, despite the heat wave we have experienced here in Orange County, you can still smell a whiff of autumn in the air first thing in the morning. Just because the weather will eventually become cooler and crisper don’t stop using your sunscreen.  And remember that the cooler air will also be drier, and that means keeping your skin hydrated is even more important than it was during the summer.  

Drink plenty of water, and please, only use soap on your body, never on your face. Soap is very drying and can cause damage to the delicate skin on your face. Bonne Foi has a great Facial Cleanser that will clean your face, but is very gentle on your skin. And using our Night Time products to gently exfoliate while you sleep will help your skin stay soft and smooth.

Once every couple of weeks, mix up a concoction of either coconut oil and granulated sugar, or olive oil and sugar and give your body a soothing scrub down. This will help to exfoliate your skin, while leaving a thin film of oil that will keep you feeling silky all over.


For the cooler weather, it I also good to switch to a heavier, creamier skin moisturizer to protect your skin from the dryin effects of winter wind and cold.  The thicker, more oily cream creates a barrier that will keep water in, and the cold dry air away from your skin. And don’t forget your lip balm, or gloss. Nothing makes you look less healthy and vibrant than dry, cracked lips. 

Use all of our luxurious Bonne Foi skin care products to keep your face and neck looking fresh, dewey and healthy, and don’t forget to eat plenty of fruits, veggies and fish!!!

Bonne Foi

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