A Summer Pedicure for Sandals

Jun 27, 2013


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Make Your Feet Softer for Summer

Summer is here!  The Soltice makes it official.  Summer is the time when feet get to come out into the open. Are your feet ready for those cute summer sandals that have been sitting in your closet all winter just waiting to get out?  Maybe you seen a cute pair in a store or online shop this week that you would love to have?  Take a good look at your feet. Are they ready for sandals?  If they aren’t soft and pretty, here is a sure fire way to soften your feet and give yourself a well deserved pedicure.

Plan an evening for yourself with a good book or movie and get started on your way to summer ready feet!  To plan ahead, be sure to have a foot bath, a lotion with salicylic acid, a dry towel, moisturizing lotion and a pair of white cotton socks ready to go.  The first step is simple. Relax and soak your feet in a bath of warm water with mild soap for at least twenty minutes.  After the initial soak, dry your feet and apply the lotion with salicylic acid, rubbing it into your skin.  Use your towel to rest your feet on while the lotion does its work.  Apply a moisturizing lotion of your choice to your feet and put your socks on for the night.

For the second night of the process to softer summer feet, you may want to use a pumice stone to exfoliate the skin.  Again, soak your feet and repeat the same process as on the first evening.  This is recommended for seven nights but you may reach your goal before then and attain the softness you desire.

When you are at the end point of the exfoliating process, it’s time to choose a beautiful color for your nails.  To save time choose a polish that either is advertised as including a base and top coat or make sure you do have a base coat and a top coat on hand to apply before and after the polish.  This will extend the beauty of your pedicure.  Most brands of nail polish have now eliminated harmful ingredients from years past.  Just choose your favorite color and brand and have fun.  Your feet will be ready for those cute summer sandals in no time!  Enjoy the summer with feet that glow and shimmer with “polish”!

Don’t forget your sunscreen, even on your feet!!

Bonne Foi