Oct 16, 2012


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Lavender   When you smell the scents of jasmine or gardenia, what effect do they have on you? How about the fresh scents of grapefruits or lemons? Does lavender make you feel calmer? The smell of fresh popcorn makes me instantly crave some and–truth be told–I don’t like popcorn all that much, and especially if you take away the butter and the salt. But, oh! Those smells….

We hear more and more about chromatherapy, and aromatherapy. It is big business now, and purchasing candles with pleasant scents can get pretty expensive. So what’s a person to do? How about planting a gardenia bush or two near your back door, or on your patio?  And maybe some jasmine or lavender bushes?  Every time they bloom you can pick a few of the flowers and float them in a bowl of water. How lovely the fragrance will be! You can make a pitcher of lemon water, fill it with sliced lemons and ice, and keep it on your desk. The aroma will be tangy and clean, and the lemon water will do wonders for your skin.

Realtors have known for years that nothing can make a house feel so warm and cozy as baking a couple of trays of chocolate chip cookies before you hold an open house. But you don’t have to bake a whole tray. Get some frozen chocolate chip cookies and bake just a couple at a time–enough for a snack, but not enough for a binge!!

Part of the trend for using natural ingredients in skin care and oils has come from the fact that we are awakening once again to the fact that compounds and ingredients in Mother Nature are what is really good for our skin, our moods, our overall well being.

What is your favorite aroma?  What scents and fragances evoke memories and fill you with a sense of well being? Please share with us how you keep your home or office smelling lovely. Thank you, and happy smells… 

Bonne Foi