Beautiful You, Beautiful Home

Feb 11, 2014


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Beautiful home, Beautiful you.

Bonne Foi is a skin care line, that much you know. But we care about everything that affects how you look and feel. We blog about nutrition, fashion, makeup, and today we want to talk about your home. It is your environment, one that you come back to every day.

We sometimes take our homes for granted, let things lapse, collect clutter and with everything else going on in our  busy lives, neglect how our homes look and feel. If you aren’t happy with the way your home looks, you will feel that it reflects poorly on yourself. It’s not an active thought but more of a subconscious feeling that registers each time you enter. Today we’re going to explain exactly what can be done to provoke a sigh of relief instead of the usual dulled response when walking through the front door.

First things first, fill your house with shapes and textures that set you at ease. Even if it’s a driftwood lamp, it will be a piece of your happiness and comfort. Most people use pictures and such to relive old memories but the connections between objects and their hidden meanings can tell a stronger story than any picture.

Second, fill your home with your favorite smells and scents. Aroma therapy has been around for ages and has been proven to alleviate stress. It will also keep your home smelling fresh and inspire your family to do the same. Scented candles or oils that soothe you, vanilla, or lilacs, lavender of ocean breeze can instantly relax and soothe you after a hard day.

Third, take a little time to just look around. Appreciate what you have always liked about your home. And, maybe take a trip to TJMaxx, find some brightly colored throw pillows to replace those old ones on the couch. Or a soft throw in a pretty shade of blue.

Make your home beautiful, simple and clean, or bursting with color and fun, whatever will make your happy to be there at the end of the day!!

Bonne Foi