Beauty In Our 40’s.

Jan 23, 2013


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When we are in our twenties we look in the mirror and see fresh faces, full of possibilities. As we move into our 30’s, we also see faces that reflect more maturity. The skin is still firm and mostly unlined, maybe a few crow’s feet appearing around the eyes. Moving from my 30’s into our 40’s things begin to change.

More magazine has a feature article this week that we found interesting, it features The Talk’s Julie Chen, who by the wary still looks fabulous in her 40’s.


:  See what she has to say about being 42:

” On getting older—and wiser
“Life gets fuller and richer. Yes, your body changes, and you have to work harder to keep in shape. But the benefit of being wiser makes it worth it.”

On her anti-aging mentor
“I used to watch my mother lie in bed rubbing her hands together, then pressing them to her face. She said it prevented lines. She’s 79 years old today and doesn’t have a single wrinkle.” -As told to Nikki Ostasiewski

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