Beauty Throughout the Years

Sep 4, 2012


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In the world of high fashion, everything changes until it becomes the same. Because of television shows like Madmen, the fashions of the 50’s and early 60’s are back in. For Men, the tight fitting, flat front trousers and the skinny ties. Women with the fitted waists, peplum, and pointed brassiers..All that was uncool for us children on the 70’s and 80’s is once again ultrachic and modern.

Granted as things come back into style there are always alterations, little tweaks that keep the look modern and fresh, but the essence of era will still pervade the clothing. People who are not bothered by being fashionable will poo poo all of this talk of fashion, but if you step back, away from the fashionable and look objectively at photos of any era, you will see a reflection of the events in that time period. 

The roaring twenties with the sparkly, short dresses and big jewelry reflect a time of joy and exuberance. The full skirts and petticoats in the 50’s reflect a spirit of the youth that was preparing to rebel, and the restraint of society at that time. Coco Chanel, a woman, independent, began designing suits for women. In men, suits had long denoted power, and now Coco made them for women. Structured, made of soft wool, in beautiful colors. She gave women clothing that was more streamlined, less fussy, and more powerful. Did she change society? I believe she influenced it, and instilled a feeling of power that eventually came to the surface in the 60’s and 70’s, where women demanded the right to control their own destinies. 


Fashion of today will probably tell the story of struggle, and all of us attempting to re-define ourselves in an era yet to come. Less Optimism than we had in the decades past, but perhaps more strength and appreciation? Time will tell…

from Bonne-Foi