The Best Time for Vacation

Aug 25, 2012


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Bonne Foi about vacations

We all know that summer is the best time for vacation, right? If you have children then maybe it’s the only time to vacation. But what about those of you who either don’t have children or you have just sent them off to college. I think the perfect time to vacation is about a week after Labor Day.

The weather will still be warm and pleasant during the day. The evenings will cool down. Best of all prices are lower and the crowds have all gone home. If you are heading to the East Coast, many say the absolute perfect time to vacation is at the end of September into the beginning of October. That’s a time of year that East Coast natives sometimes call Indian Summer. The weather gets up into the low 70’s by the afternoon; the evenings are cool, but just cool enough so that you need a warm sweatshirt, not a heavy jacket. The air gets that crisp fall smell, and the leaves start to turn those vivid fall colors.

Keep in mind that hotel rooms with lots of foliage around will probably tick up in price, and the roads will be a bit more crowded than they are in early September, but I would wager it will still be less expensive and more peaceful than at the height of  tourist season.