Bonne Foi Gets Your Skin Ready for Christmas

Nov 29, 2012


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 How to get your skin looking lovely for the Holidays? Rachel Ray’s topic of interest today was all about looking good on the outside and taking good care of your insides. Good food, lots of water, a dash of Green tea and plenty of fresh, colorful fruit. Those are all the ways to take good care of your health while also taking care of your skin. Her guest talked about how mushrooms are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants and PH Balance are two essential ingredients for firm, soft looking skin. If you aren’t getting the proper nutrition for your body to maintain good skin health, then you will look older and less healthy.

If you do eat fairly well, but your skin could still use a little help, our formula using seaweed extracts to help rejuvenate your cells down to their most basic level will help your skin look radiant. Our night serum will gently exfoliate your dead cells away while you sleep, and in the morning you will look refreshed!

The Holidays can be a cause for celebration, but they can be filled with too many things to do, too many events to attend and presents to buy. Don’t forget that stress also takes a toll on your skin. Plus for many of you the weather is cold and that will dry your skin out. Use a little extra Ultra Light Face Cream, and do yourself a favor, commit a little less. Shop online and have the presents shipped to friends and family early. Skip a couple of those Christmas parties, spend time with your family with some hot chocolate and cookies!!

Eat well, look good. Stress less, look better.

Happy Holidays

Bonne Foi