Bonne-Foi Home Event in Huntington Beach!!

Nov 13, 2012


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Bonne Foi Home Event!

Bonne Foi natural skin care products are made in America. In fact we are headquartered in Huntington Beach, or as some might know it, Surf City !!  This week we are going to celebrate our product line by hosting our home event on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, from:  6 – 7:30 pm in a home right next to downtown at  214  3rd Street, Huntington Beach, CA.  If you like our products, this is a great opportunity to bring along a friend and introduce them to our product line. 

We will be serving light snacks, some goodies AND  full sized products for you to take home along with your purchase (including our Natural Keratin Hair Serum, our most popular product). Social-Cindy’s crew along with the Webhandmanoc will be there to live post and say hello..

After you come and visit us, just walk down the street and enjoy the goings on in downtown Huntington Beach. Every Tuesday Downtown Main Street comes alive with the sounds of live music, street performers, a farmer’s market and specials from the downtown restaurants and retailers.  Take advantage of the free parking from 5 – 9 on Tuesday..  

Bonne Foi..see you tomorrow!!