Bonne Foi Means Good Faith

Nov 7, 2012


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 Bonne Foi means good faith, and it also means good science.  When a friend referred me to their products I did some research. Being a scientist at heart I like to read about advances in medicine and technology. I was stunned to find their products are actually formulated based upon Nobel Prize winning research.  

Not only that, but when I read articles in Scientific America back in 2006, I was excited to hear about breakthroughs in understanding how nutrients travel in and out of the cell membrane. Because of this kind of investigation from the scientific community, there are treatments for diseases like Cancer that were not possible before.  When I saw Bonne Foi product information I realized I was looking at a product with a lot of thought and science formulated  into it.

As you may or may not already know, our skin and most other parts of our anatomy are made up of fluids, but the lifestyles and environment we take part in chronically dehydrate us. I think most of us could benefit from an IV every so often. What the Bonne Foi formula does is essentially act like an IV for our cells, not just the outer layers of our skin, but our CELLS!!

 Bonne Foi products have been formulated to increase cell hydration, heal the affects of sun and dehydration without adding toxic chemicals to your skin. The more we understand   that our skin is an organ, the less we want to invade it with unnecessary chemicals.  A smart esthetician once told me not to put things on my skin that I wouldn’t put in my mouth!  Until Bonne Foi starts making healthy snacks we can feed our skin the best stuff we can find. Try Bonne Foi for your hair and skin, and feel your skin turning back time.

Guest writer, Val

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