Bonne Foi for Men?

Sep 29, 2012


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Men and Moisturizer

Back in the day, using facial cleansers and moisturizers was not something most men would admit to. But that is beginning to change. Men are beginning to understand the benefits of taking good care of their skin. Why should women be the only ones to use moisturizers and exfoliating products?

Have you noticed that men in their 40’s and early 50’s are looking younger and less wrinkled than they did a decade ago? Do you think it’s due to good genes alone? I doubt it. I think they are watching what their wives and girlfriends use on their faces. And while they may not go out and purchase the products for themselves, they are using ours. You mean you didn’t know why you have to order your Bonne Foi products more often these days? And come to think of it, why are your husband and son looking so fresh and youthful?

I know for a fact that my husband and son use my Bonne Foi cleanser, moisturizer and daily cream. If your husband, son, or boyfriend’s skin is looking rough and dry, especially after the hot, sunny summer we have had here in Southern California, why not order them their own facial products. Then go to our blog and leave a comment. Some men have even posted comments on our Facebook Page and Twitter. We would love to publish more testimonials from men using our products. Leave a comment here!!