Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care & Seaweed

Oct 27, 2012


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What does our natural skin care line have that others may not? It has seaweed!! I know, you are saying to yourself, seaweed . . . why would I get excited about a product that contains seaweed?

Seaweed is something most of us who grew up in Western Cultures think of as a nuisance that affects our enjoyment of the beach. It drifts up to shore and wraps around our legs while we try to play in the waves.  It fills the ocean after a big storm, and it makes a day at the beach far less pleasant. So what is the big deal about seaweed? Well, because it grows in the ocean, it takes in nutrients from the sea, encapsulates them and stores them.  

For centuries, medical practitioners in the Asian cultures have known about seaweed: it is an organic source of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 and anti-oxidants. Gradually, over time, more Western medical professionals have accepted the use of seaweed and seaweed extracts in our overall health regimens. However, it wasn’t until recently (in the past two decades) that scientists discovered the mighty bioactive ingredient in seaweed called FUDOIDAN and its powerful anti-aging effect.

It appears that Fudoidan not only has the ability to strengthen the immune systems–it also helps to regenerate cells. Seaweed extracts absorb water and act as hydrating agents. They also work to increase overall firmness in our skin. Today, many top spas are using skin care products rich in seaweed extracts to promote healthier skin for their clientele, either in their facial, mask or therapeutic skin treatments.

Not all skin care lines contain seaweed extract. Their natural properties may come from other sources, but most of those sources contain one type of restorative property, whereas seaweed extract has all the vitamins and other good things I listed above. AND it has a hydrating and firming effect on your skin as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can have positive effects on wrinkles. When your cells are plumped up, wrinkles seem to just fade away!!

Seaweed isn’t pretty, that is true, but the nutritional substances it contains will make your skin look clearer and smoother when you use our products. And that is both pretty and true!

Bonne Foi