Bonne-Foi & Seaweed Extracts

Aug 11, 2012


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  Bonne Foi products are formulated with a special Seaweed Extract. If you check out green and healthy products, food supplements and sushi, Seaweed is always being mentioned. So what is the big deal about Seaweed, and how can something that looks so awful be so good for us?

WebMd  and our chemist say:

“For centuries seaweed was known as a source of  healthy nutrition in many parts of the world. In Asia people have used seaweed because of  its organic vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 and anti-oxidants……But, not until in the past two decades did  scientist discover that the bioactive ingredients in seaweed called FUDOIDAN has powerful anti-aging effect on your skin. Fucoidan not only has the ability to increase the immune function but also helps to regenerate cells. Seaweed extracts absorb water act as hydrating agents, and also perform as firming agent for our skin. Many top spas use  skin care products  which are rich in seaweed extract in order  to promote healthier skin for their clients. The seaweed extract is often used in masks or therapeutic skin treatment and Bonne Foi uses it in our facial products. 

The seaweed extracts contain super-antioxidant ingredients, it will stimulate skin cell regeneration and boost collagen in the dermal layer of your skin.  It has a hydrating and firming effect, and  anti-inflammatory properties that can have positive effect on wrinkles. By using natural seaweed extract rich in antioxidant skin care products which rebuild healthy skin without any peeling, burning and painful procedure cause by strong chemicals. “

So the next time you are at the beach and your are thinking about that pesky seaweed that gets wrapped around your ankles, think instead about how this weed of the sea has absorbed all those wonderful nutrients that can help heal your body and keep you looking beautiful!!

Bonne Foi is also proud to say that our products are made in the USA.