Bonne Foi’s Natural Skin Care

Apr 5, 2015


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Natural Skin Care, made in the USA, Bonne Foi

For years I struggled with my skin. Each time I tried a new product, which promised to do miracles for my skin, I was disappointed. I literally spent thousands of dollars on skin care products and none of them worked. When I met the man who is our chemist, and tried the products, I was amazed at how much better my skin looked over just a short time using the products. That is when I started to entertain the idea of bringing these natural skin care products to market. The idea was born from necessity, not from a need to make money.

Our product line will quite simply make your skin smoother, it tightens pores, and nourishes your skin. Bonne Foi’s Face Cream will make wrinkles disappear and take away those dry, flaky patches of skin. Our Seaweed Extract formula helps plump up your skin, while the lactic acid in our night time product will gently exfoliate and take away the old, dead skin cells. The Keratin hair care product infuses the hair shaft with Keratin, and makes your hair stronger and thicker.

“In 2003 Dr. Peter Agre won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his ground-breaking discovery of aquaporins, the water-channel proteins that enable water molecules to pass directly through cell membranes. This work paved the way for Bonne Foi’s innovative natural skin care system, which opens up these water channels to allow even more moisture and nutrition to flow directly into your skin’s cells.

If you are reluctant to take us at our word, then order some free samples, try us out, and if you like the results, go ahead and place an order.


Bonne Foi


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