Can Skin Care Change Your Life?

Jan 6, 2012


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Do you ever watch those infomercials that are on in the wee hours of  the night? They are about all kinds of products that are supposed to be miracles of sorts. If you simply exercise on them 30 minutes a day, you will lose 100 pounds and meet the mate of your dreams. When you use their skin care line, developed by a world-renowned Doctor and touted by an actress or model spokesperson, you will be free of wrinkles and your life will be forever changed.

Smooth, blemish free skin

So, to answer the question–at least according to the infomercials–good skin care may have a profound effect upon your life. We all know people who have struggled with bad skin, angry- looking acne, and very dry or very oily skin. While on the surface (pun intended) those are all things we should be able to take in stride, they are, in reality, conditions which can strongly influence how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.

The world loves beauty¸ and though beauty is indeed in “the eye of the beholder,” there are norms that most people have in their minds’ eye for what beauty is supposed to be. Women should have smooth skin, a clear, blemish free complexion  and smaller, less visible pores.  Men should have strong jawlines, no blemishes, and great smiles. When you present yourself to the world, no matter whether you are a man or woman, the ideal is clear, blemish free skin, with few lines and wrinkles.  You  need to have as many of these attributes as possible in order to gain favor in this world.

Bonne Foi natural skin care line, with its unique formula, has helped some people (both MEN and women) change how they look on the outside and how they view themselves from the inside. It has been a starting point for other big changes in their lives. Check back on the blog to see these stories over the next few weeks… and see if you can identify with them…