Cell Rejuvenation Tonic

Mar 20, 2013


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Bonne Foi Cell Rejuvenation Tonic was formulated by our lab chemist based on a 2003 a Nobel Prize winning discovery. Peter Agre’s research concerned the ability to re-hydrate our skin right down to the cell level. His award winning research proved that using the right formula, one that could deliver water-channel proteins thus enabling water molecules to pass directly through cell membranes. This formula allows even more moisture and nutrition to flow directly into your skin’s cells. 

When we are younger, the cells that our skin is made up of  are full of moisture. They are plump and full, so our skin looks smooth and unlined. As we age, and the sun, stress and poor food choices add up, our cells don’t have as much moisture and our skin will sag. It is akin to wearing a certain size of clothes for years and  then losing wieght. The clothes, or in this case our skin, maintain their size, but the person who is inside the clothing has lost mass, so the clothes will hang loosley on their frame. The same thing happens with our skin. When the cells lose their fullness, our skin begins to sag, like the clothes on our body when we lose our fullness.  

For women especially, the significant changes in body chemistry, the loss of estrogen, further contributes to the problem. We have now learned that eating healthy, colorful fuits and veggies, staying out of the sun, or at least well protected with a good quality sunscreen, and keeping our selves well hydrated all help keep our skin looking good.

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