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Oct 31, 2011


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Every year right around Halloween we turn back the clocks and day light saving begins. When daylight saving starts it means winter is just around the corner, summer is over and fall is almost its end. It’s the time of year when people start pulling out their winter clothes. It is also the time that many of us change to skin care products more suited to the colder and drier weather.

Each year, before I began using Bonne Foi, I would go shopping for a new face cream. I would look for a facial cream more suited for the dry winter weather. What I often found was that most of the facial creams were not labeled in accordance with the seasons, but rather as “Day Cream” or” Night Cream”.

So, Day Cream is only for daytime and Night Cream is only for nighttime? Okay, I understand that, one is lighter so it can go under makeup, while the other is richer and helps restore our skin while we sleep. What about “skin type, type of climate, age range” and other factors that affect our skin and should be taken into consideration? For many of us, the weather and our skin type is far more of a factor in our skin care regimen than whether is for Day, or Night.

Bonne Foi works a bit differently. Let me give you an example how I use Bonne Foi. My skin type is oily, so I use the Ultra Light Face Cream when the weather changes from warm and humid to dry and cold because my skin gets dehydrated more quickly in the drier weather. My daughter is in her mid 20s, she and her friends love this ultra-sheer face cream, since their skin still young and healthy, all they need is a good hydrating skin cream.

In Bonne Foi when we developed the “Ultra Light Face Cream” we formulated it so that it has an ultra sheer texture which enhances your appearance by increasing skin hydration whatever your skin type. No matter the weather or how the climate may change. It works for either for “younger adult, warm and humid climate or people with oily skin type”.

For those of you who want to be sure your skin is still protected at night, we have heard you. At Bonne Foi, we have been developing the formulation for a face cream which not only nourishes but also repairs skin. The added bonus to our Night Cream is, you can use it either during the daytime or nighttime. Bonne Foi Nourishing Face Cream will be available around Christmas.

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