Does Eating Well Mean You Cant Have Certain Foods?

Mar 17, 2014


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At Bonne Foi, our company is located in one of the most famous beach cities there is, Huntington Beach, CA. For some people of a certain age who grew up in the surf generation, it is also known as Surf City USA!

When you live in a beach city, there are people all around you who take full advantage of the good weather and the almost year around ability to swim, surf, jog and just walk along the beach. People here are very conscious of what they use to fuel their bodies. Now,we are all for eating healthy, we regularly post healthy eating tips and recipes for you on our blog here at Bonne Foi. Today though, we want to talk about balancing healthy with a little bit of fun, and perhaps some things you think are healthy that ¬†aren’t all that much better than higher calorie choices.

We found a post on Elle Magazine which we think you will enjoy. Click here


Please remember, eating well, using your natural skin care products, exercising and finding the joy in life will all help you to look and feel younger.

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