Eliminate Dark Age Spots

Nov 17, 2012


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Age Spots

When we reach the age of forty, our faces often begin to show signs of aging. Usually in our early 40s they are relatively subtle. For some of us, even more than lines and wrinkles, the one thing that really ages us is the appearance on our face and hands of the pesky brown spots. At first they just look like enlarged freckles, but after a time they begin to spread out and become more noticeable.

How do we make them go away? Bonne Foi skin care system, that’s how. Our Two-Layer Day Serum, plus our Night Serum with Lactic Acids, will fade those dark spots, restore the health of your pigmentation and keep your face looking younger and fresher. If you are not sure you believe us, keep checking in, because several of our long-time customers have consented to come on camera and testify that Bonne Foi cleared up age spots and other skin problems.








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