Facial Cleansers

Sep 16, 2013


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You see the commercials on TV, beautiful women splashing clear, sparkling water on the clear, nearly perfect skin. What you don’t see is something we have posted about before, it’s the effects of the soap, or cleanser that they used on their face over time.

There is study after study that shows cleaning your face in the morning and evening can help prevent and clear up acne, and that cleaning your face with a soap or cleanser that is too harsh, or upsets the PH blanace of your skin will cause premature aging.   Public Med.com states: “For many years, physicians have agreed that although cleansing is not effective on its own, effective cleansing is an important part of any acne treatment regimen. However, patients have not been satisfied with the types of cleansers available. In addition to containing dyes and perfumes that can irritate and exacerbate acne, these cleansers often are too harsh and can result in excessive drying of the skin, which leads to overcompensation by the oil glands and ultimately to more oil on the surface of the skin. ”

Our Bonne Foi facial cleanser is formulated to be strong enough to clean your face thoroughly but at the same time it is mild enough not to harm your skin. The formula we use in our entire skin care line is carefully blended to give your face and neck the clean, fresh feeling you want and still keep your skin soft and smooth. Bonne Foi’s Face Cleaning Gel is a safe, mild cleanser that contains seaweed polysaccharide, This water soluble cleaner won’t irritate your skin or leave your face dry or covered in residue. Although you won’t see much lather, one pump is all you need to get your face thoroughly clean and ready for the next step in your skin care system.

We have had several of our customers purchase Bonne Foi to help clear up acne in their son’s and daughter’s faces when nothing else worked. Try our products and see if they don’t make your skin soft, smooth and younger looking in a short period of time!!

Bonne Foi.