Fall Fashion Time

Sep 9, 2013


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I know it’s still warm in many parts of the country, but I still get a little excited about the new fall fashions. To me this time of the year is kind of like New Years. The new school year would begin just as the weather got a little cooler and the days shorter. As the nights turn cooler, Autumn descends and brings with it colorful leaves and it is time to bring those warmer clothes out of the closet and shop for new things that hit with the trends!  Along with the leaves, colors change in what we wear.  This year brings so many new ideas.  But, over time, all trends evolve and you may find something you already have that “fits”!

This autumn, the trends include velvet and leather, as well as tartan.  I have to admit that I have always been drawn to the beautiful plaids of far away lands.  High boots, and I mean the higher the better, are in style.  Slit skirts, oversized coats and the colors of emerald green and winter white are all on “trend”.  It reminds me of Ireland and the British Isles.  It seems that someone was inspired by them for this coming fashion season.  Pleated skirts that follow the style of the kilt are “in”.

Try pairing a cute above-the-knee “kilted” skirt with a “jumper” (jumper = sweater in theUSA) as they say in England and a pair of knee-high boots for a daytime look.  For an evening look, go with a below knee length skirt with a sexy slit, along with an oversized jacket belted at the waist.  And, don’t forget the cool boots – suede, leather or vegan!  Mix it up with a beautiful plaid scarf and, perhaps, a bit of Celtic inspired jewelry.  Have fun with the new season and make your own fashion statement with a mix of what you have and a few new or vintage items you find along the way!

Bonne Foi for Fashion!!