Fall Fashion

Aug 27, 2012


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In the Fashion World, fall fashions are previewed in the early spring so store buyers can order their picks in time for these items to hit the stores by August. If you have attempted to purchase a new bathing suit or pair of shorts in the past week, you know that fall fashions have already hit the racks. You have to shop the leftovers in the sale racks if you want that new swimsuit. Summer is out, fall is in.

For me, personally, I love the change in seasons and the chance to buy a little something for my fall wardrobe. A new hoodie for walking the dog, a new blazer for work, and best of all, a new purse. I don’t change my purse with every outfit, so I like purses that pretty much go with everything. when I was younger, the bigger the better, but now that I have learned the damage a heavy purse can do to my shoulders, I tend to go for something in between. Not too big, not too small.

Here is one of my favorites: