Fifty Is The New Forty

Jun 6, 2013


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They say that 50 is the new 40!! With advances in skin protection, better nutrition and skin care products, women are looking younger longer. But some inevitable signs of again will occur for many of us girls. During their 50’s, women face physical changes in connection with menopause that are life-altering in many ways.  As you age you need to pay more attention to your skin.  One thing everyone must do is use sunscreen. We have blogged about this before, but it is a proven fact that sunscreen makes a difference. 

Basic skin care tip 101:There are three major skin types, oily, dry and combination skin. Each of them must be taken into consideration when choosing a skin care line. If you have oily skin, water based products will  work better, if you have very dry skin, then an  oil based  skin care could be the right way for you to go.   

 Moisturizers are a must and when combined with anti-aging serums that include infusions of antioxidants, vitamins and  other age-reducing ingredients, skin elasticity and moisture levels can be managed and improved.  Lines and age spots that appear during our 50’s can be reduced and lightened through use of these great products.

The introduction of natural ingredients into your daily skin care is another option.  A rosewater “spray” can make your skin softer and an apple cider vinegar “spritz” can help to restore ph levels.  Natural mineral water sprays are also conducive to restoring moisture in the skin. 

 Another important step is to make sure you wear sunglasses and a hat when venturing out into the sun.  Even if the sun is not out, it is still penetrating through the clouds.  Sunglasses will not only protect your skin, but your eyes as well.  And, a hat is great for beating the heat and protecting the delicate skin on your face.  

You can look beautiful and healthy at any age. Fifty is simply a number. At Bonne Foi we believe beauty comes from within and without!! 

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