Great Skin Care From Bonne Foi

Sep 12, 2013


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When some of us were children we ran around all summer without the benefits of sun screen. There really were no lotions and potions that actually had sunscreen in them, they were more tanning lotions. Because of that we are praying the price with age spots and wrinkles. Now more than ever, it is so important to take care of our skin.  It seems we all have some sort of skin damage from earlier in our lives, whether it is from being exposed to the sun without sunscreen or our lifestyle, which may have included smoking or being exposed to harsh environments.

To help erase the damage or maintain the skin we have, we need to choose the right products that fit with our skin type, as well as keep our bodies healthy.  What happens on the inside shows on the outside and what we take in from the outside has skin-altering effects.  Bonne Foi’s products are formulated to help remove the “past” from our skin and make it better.  They improve the pH balance of the skin, while lightening or reducing the appearance of age spots, wrinkles and acne scars.  What could be better?  And, even better, all of Bonne Foi’s natural skin care products contain 90% natural ingredients.  Our skin needs to be taken care of and Bonne Foi’s skin care line provides a way to rejuvenate!

Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, sunscreen and protecting ourselves when out in the elements. Eat well, exercise, get restful sleep and you will be able to provide your skin with what it needs and deserves.  And, don’t forget the most important step which is to use Bonne Foi’s amazing skin care products!

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