Helen Gurley Brown

Aug 16, 2012


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 Helen Gurley Brown passed away this week. There are some of you who won’t recognize that name, but I bet your Mom’s will. She was the Editor for Cosmpolitan Magazine for many years. She authored books, and she made fashion for the women of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Cosmo is still going strong, but it’s biggest impact was during those years. Women didn’t have much in the way of choices in the late 60’s. It was either read Vogue, Town & Country, or Good Housekeeping.

For most women in their early to mid 20’s during the 1960’s and 70’s, none of those magazines had much connection with how they were living their lives. Cosmo talked about issues that were top of mind for those women, and they pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable behavior for women. It was a time when the women’s movement was gathering momentum. For most of the post World War II years, women were told they should stay home and take care of their children. Some women reveled in being Mom’s and wives. There were other women who although they wanted children, and they wanted husbands but they also wanted careers, and respect.

Most women could not and did not have credit in their own names. Their salaries were very low and the types of jobs that were open to them were limited. Helen Gurley Brown challenged that kind of thinking and helped to propel women to where we are now. It’s hard for someone in their twenties and thirties today to imagine that kind of restrictive life. They know little about that. Any career they choose to work towards can be theirs, any car, any home, credit, even a family without a spouse. But back when Helen began as Cosmo, none of that was possible. If you don’t believe me, go ask your Mom or your Grandma

So today, Bonne Foi would like to honor Helen Gurley Brown, and say, farewell..