How to Stay Cool

Aug 20, 2012


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Here in the United States, we are having one of the hottest summers on record. Too much heat can be very dangerous to our health, so what can we do to stay cool?


1. Do any outdoor errands or excercise as early in the morning as you can. It’s cooler early in the day, and you have a better chance of keeping cooler before noon.

2. If you must shop and run errands in the afternoon, try to stick with indoor malls that have air conditioning.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably linen or cotton. The natural fibers will breathe and let in cool air while letting out your body heat, and it the clothing is not tight to your skin, any breezes you catch will cool your body down.

4. Store your water container in the freezer, or freeze some water bottles and sip all day long. If you gulp a big drink of very cold water, that is not going to make your body happy, but if you keep regularly hydrating with cold water, it will help keep your body temperature down.

5. In the early morning, keep your doors and windows open, and turn on your fans. This will cool the house down. Then as the sun gets warmer, close your shades and curtains, and just keep the windows open enough to get fresh air.

6. If you have air conditioning, turn it on only in the late afternoon and early evening. We want you to keep cool, but at the end of the month, we don’t want you to have a big surprise in your electric bill!!

7. If you must go to an outdoor event, try to bring one of those water bottles with a fan on it. Fill it with ice cubes and just a bit of water.

8. Take a luke warm shower not a cold one. A cold shower on a hot body can cause you temperature to go up even more. Cool water is best. 

9. The Pool:  if you have access to one, go for a long soak in a pool. That will lower your body temperature and make the heat feel less intense for hours after; Especially if you can go in the late afternoon, early evening when the breeze will kick in.

We took a poll here at Bonne Foi, although many of us have access to air conditioning, we can get power brown outs when everyone turns their air on full force, so we are careful about how much air conditioning we use on the hot days. These were the top 9 tips we found when we surveyed everyone on how to stay cool in these hot, hot days…