Keratin Hair Treatment

Mar 21, 2012


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 It feels like every time you turn on the TV or read a magazine you see advertisement after advertisement for hair care treatments. About a third of those advertisements talk about Keratin.  What is Keratin and what is all the fuss about. The big advertisers ae talking about Keratin Treatments to straighten hair. However, the literal  definition of Keratin is: 1. keratin  a substance forming the chief constituent in the hair and nails.

 So, if keratin is the chief building block for hair and nails, why do you need to put it ON your hair? Hair strands are porous, and made up of three different layers, one of which contains naturally occurring Keratin. Although all mammals have Keratin in their hair, we all know that not every one gets the same quality of this nutrient. Over the course of time, the Keratin in your hair can break down and become weaker. Bonne Foi’s Keratin treatment will infuse your hair shafts with high quality keratin that will make them shiny and stronger.


A Protectant, Not a Straightener
Unlike the Keratin hair treatments that are available at high-end hair salons, Bonne Foi’s daily use Natural Keratin Hair Serum is not a hair straightener, and will not affect your hair’s original wave. Curly hair will remain curly, and straight hair will remain straight. But even if you do get Keratin Straightening hair treatments at your salon, you can still benefit from our daily use Natural Keratin Hair Serum.  Bonne Foi’s Natural Keratin Hair Serum will 
protect and nourish your hair to create stronger, silkier, smoother and more manageable hair.  

You can try a sample at a very low cost, and when it works for you, come back and order a full size bottle. You will see a big difference in the texture and fullness of your hair!!

Bonne Foi