Lactic Acid for Anti-Aging & Skin Care

Oct 25, 2011


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Lactic Acid for Anti Aging and Skin Care? Since when? If you know your history, you know that Lactic Acid has been used for skin care since the ancient times of Cleopatra. For years it has been said wealthy people would take milk baths in order to keep their skin looking healthy, youthful and smooth. To many of us, those stories it just seems like myths, but in fact, women did use goat’s milk to bathe in because they believed the milk was good for your skin.

While it may have sounded like a soothing indulgence to bathe in milk, it is in actuality an ancient lactic acid skin treatment. Lactic Acid comes from milk and it not only helps our skin feel smoother and softer, it also is a very gentle way to exfoliate our skin.

In general, when we use the term Lactic Acid, instantly people most often think about the fruit acid skin peels commonly used in the spa. Lactic acid is part of the alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) family, the Lactic acid treatments from milk tend not to irritate the skin as much as other AHA treatments. It is known for its rich moisturizing benefit along with its powerful exfoliating ingredient which will  exfoliate dead skin cells without causing too much skin irritation.

Bonne Foi night serum contains a low dosage of Lactic Acid which is gentle, yet very effective for its exfoliation of dead skin cells. When you compare the cost of Bonne Foi night serum to going to a spa for a professional chemical peels or microdermabrasion procedure, it is much less expensive. And with our product, you don’t need to take time out of your day for spa treatments. In fact, while you sleep Bonne Foi seaweed extract and lactic acid formulations  will be working all night to make your skin smoother and more radiant. Not only that, Bonne Foi’s night serum  will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and age spots; it will make your skin smooth and brighten your  skin tone.

Shirley Hsueh