Life Changes from Bonne Foi

Feb 7, 2012


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 Terry Shelter – Life Changes Begin with Bonne Foi?

 My name is Terry Shelter and I was introduced to Bonne Foi’s products through a friend. I am a man, and I have always had trouble with my skin. There are very few skin care lines specifically tailored to men and I must confess I knew very little about skin care for men, or women.  My sister used to bring me products all the time, including Mary Kay and other skin care products she saw on Infomercials, but none of them seemed to work all that well for me.  I don’t know that everyone will admit this, but men are just as vain as women. We have egos, and we look in the mirror, too. We see the effects of aging on our skin, and–truth be told–we don’t like it any more than women do.

 In general, because the products I had tried in the past did very little to make my skin look better, I had become quite skeptical of anything that people would give me to try. But my friend Shirley said, “Just try Bonne Foi. It’s different from those other products, and if you just keep using it properly you will see results. Bonne Foi natural skin care products don’t just sit on the surface of your skin, they actually work on a cellular level.”

 So I made the commitment and, sure enough, after only two months I couldn’t believe the results! I am now 63 years old, and I have been a smoker since age 8. I had developed “smoker’s mouth” with deep cracks and fine lines. Because of my smoking, the pores on my skin were enlarged and my skin felt a bit loose and saggy.  Each day, before bed, I would apply night serum; in the morning when I got up, I would use the facial cleanser, and then apply the day serum. At first the change was gradual, but one day I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe that after such a short period of time all those lines started disappearing.

These photos will illustrate how my skin began to change

 The skin around the lower half of my face looked so much better. I thought, “If Bonne Foi can smooth my skin texture and eliminate wrinkles around my mouth, let’s try my eyes.”  I used to have deep pockets under my eyes, but after another short period of using Bonne Foi tonic, and day and night serum, the skin around my eyes appeared tighter and it just lifted up. My pores look smaller, and the overall texture of my skin is smoother. I started using it on my neck and now there’s no sagging. I still look like I’m in my 60’s, but I don’t look old and tired.  

At the time I began using Bonne Foi, I was becoming tired of the lifestyle I was living, but did not quite know what to do about it. Once I saw the transformation I could make in my face, I was inspired to make changes elsewhere in my life.  

I thought about quitting smoking and I began working out at the gym and lost 20 pounds. The whole reason I went was because I had begun  feel and look better. I’ve shared this product with three other men and they have each been pleased with the results like I was. In fact, they loved it. They will buy it and–you never know–it may change their lives, as well.  

Aside from the way that Bonne Foi’s skin care products make me look and feel, it is their personalized service that is truly exceptional. When you purchase a product off the shelf, there isn’t a representative there to explain to you what to do and how to use it.  My Bonne Foi representative explained each product to me and why it works the way it works. When you are trying a new skin care regimen, I believe that it is important to understand how all the products work together.  My Bonne Foi representative was very careful to explain in detail which products to use when, how to use it, and what the likely outcome would be. She told me that the natural skin care products, which contain seaweed extract, would tighten up, tone, and freshen the look of my skin. In order for them to work properly the products should be applied in 3 layers.  

Bonne Foi also has a great natural hair product that helps heal damaged hair. It is called Keratin hair product. You simply spray it on after you wash your hair and then it looks fuller when you dry it. Over time, it makes your hair much stronger and fuller. At one point I was planning to go to Bosley for hair plugs, but after using the Keratin hair product my hair now looks and feels thicker, and I don’t need hair plugs. 

 It would seem to most people that just using a skin care product line should NOT cause someone to change their whole outlook on life. But for me it did. I can say to you that eliminating a problem with how my face looked put me on a path to change many more things in my life. Thank you Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care.