Look and Feel Younger !

Aug 14, 2013


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 Every day we take care of the skin on our body  But, do we take the extra care of the skin on our face, neck and décolleté?  Our face is what we see in the mirror and how we communicate with people, so why not go that extra “step” to truly take care of our “mirror image”?  We can do this by using both a daily skin care system, like our Bonne Foi natural skin care products,  as well as adding a bit of natural, organic “zest”like a home made sugar scrub. And a few simple facial exercises……including laughter!  Our emotions show on our faces without a doubt!

In your daily skin care, there are very important things to remember.  It’s so easy to over cleanse, yet if we do, the natural pH balance of our skin is disrupted which can lead to acne breakouts or extremely dry skin.  The use of toners should be minimal, with the season in mind. Bonne Foi’s products are formulated to naturally balance your PH and they are purposefully formulated to be mild. Fragrancesin product can be irritating to some,  so if you can, try to go with products that are fragrance-free as this can cause a reaction with people who have sensitive skin.  Moisturizers are essential and finding one for your skin type can be confusing.  It is essential to determine whether you need a “regular” or oil-free product.  It is best to go with a formula that is hypoallergenic and will not cause your pores to be blocked.  As always, sunscreen is so important.  Be sure to choose one that is more nature-based and is oil-free (if your skin requires this), and one that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  These ingredients are much less likely to irritate and have more blocking power from the sun’s rays.

There are also many ways to add natural and organic skincare to what we use every day.  One of these is lemons and water.  We can use it externally, as well as make sure we put a slice of lemon into our drinking water.  Lemons are alkaline and create a pH neutral effect on our skin from the outside in or the inside out!  Here is one idea you might like to try.  In the morning, fill a bowl with ice cold water with the juice of a lemon and plunge your face into it for several seconds.  It is a natural toner that allows your skin’s pH to stay balanced and the chill of the water closes your pores after cleansing.  Lemons can also be used to lighten and eliminate age spots.  Neem oil is another organic product that is great for eliminating acne breakouts.  Sunscreen is great for preventing premature wrinkling and aging of the skin and can even reverse some damage. Another great product is thermal spray water that I have spoken of before.  It provides great hydration before moisturizing.

Exercise is so important to our bodies, yet we do not think about it when it comes to our face.  Laugh!  It is a great way to look younger!  As well as laughter, there are facial exercises that will help rid you of frown lines and eliminate wrinkles or at least make them less apparent over time. Here is one exercise to help reduce frown lines.  Done over a few weeks time, the results will show by increasing circulation and oxygen.  Place your index fingers on your forehead above both eye, and push up against them with your eyebrows.  With your fingertips, resist this movement.  Do this 8-10 times and then relax your face.  Repeat this exercise five times.  Try this for two weeks and see the difference!

Take care of your skin by choosing the right products for you, laugh often and give your skin a boost with exercise!