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Apr 17, 2013


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mineral makeup and bonne Foi

You have seen the infomercials. For a time, the midnight TV pitches were the only place you could get products like Bare Minerals. Now you see more and more of the big name cosmetic companies bringing out new lines of mineral makeup.

What is the draw to this type of make up? For me, when I first tried Mineral Makeup, I was surprised at how natural my skin looked after I applied it. I have sensitive skin and oily t-zones, when I used certain liquid makeup my skin would break out in those oily areas. Plus I often felt that heaviness of  the liquid makeup on my face. With the mineral makeup, it felt as though I wasn’t wearing anything. It never felt heavy or caked on my skin, and it covered some of the unevenness in my complexion quite well.

I did some research and was intrigued by what I learned. Look at what WebMd had to say:

“What’s Not in Mineral Makeup

What makes mineral makeup different from traditional makeup isn’t the ingredients it contains but what’s left out.

For many leading brands, the list of left out ingredients includes preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance. Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup based on the fact that these left out ingredients are possible skin irritants.

“I’m very bullish on mineral makeup,” New York dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD says. “It’s much less likely to cause a reaction in women with sensitive skin. And because it doesn’t contain oil, it won’t aggravate acne-prone skin.”

Mineral makeup and Bonne Foi natural skin care, sounds like a recipe for beautiful, healthy looking skin doesn’t it?

Bonne Foi

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