Moisturizers and skin care.

Dec 28, 2012


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What exactly does Moisturizer do? Moisturizers in general are used to keep our skin looking soft and supple. Some moisturizers work by sitting on top of the skin, supplying moisture to your skin for a short period of time. What does ours do?

Bonne Foi moisturizer goes beyond that. Using the Nobel Prize winning research of Dr.Peter Agre,  our chemist has developed a formula that delivers moisture right down to the cellular level. Each time you apply our natural moisturizer, it is working to rebuild your skin, not just help it look smoother for a few hours.

If you also use our night time product, the moisturizer will be much more effective. You see, as you are going about your day, the air around you causes skin to become dry. Those old layers of dry skin will prevent all of the moisture from Bonne Foe’s Light moisturizing cream from penetrating properly. If you use the night serum to help the process of exfoliating the dead skin cells, so the Bonne Foi Day Serum and Moisturizing Light Face Cream can do their job!

Here is an excerpt from a blog post by Dr Arusha Campbell-Chambers about how most moisturizers work:  

 “As we continue to celebrate Christmas, we continue our look at skincare products that help us put our ‘best skin forward’. Moisturizers act by reducing water loss from the skin’s surface and/or by attracting water to the skin. They can therefore help prevent dryness of the skin and may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They may consist of combinations of oil and water; however, some are oil-free. Some moisturizers contain special added ingredients like sunscreens, retinoids, vitamins, botanicals and minerals that may improve the skin’s function. However, some may not reach very deep in the skin to fulfill all the manufacturer’s claims on the label. Moisturizers are important in caring for dry skin and can be used morning and evening and reapplied during the day if necessary. Individuals with combination and oily skin types can use oil-free moisturizers at least daily, ideally morning and evening. People with sensitive skin should use moisturizers which are labeled ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘for sensitive skin’ and should ideally use fragrance-free products. “

 Moisturizing your skin will keep your face looking young and smooth. The better the product is at attracting and holding onto moisture, the more soft and unlined your skin will look. Our Bonne Foi products work at an even deeper level than the ones being written about by Dr. Arusha. They don’t sit on top of your skin, they work at the cell level, to refresh and add moisture.

Here’s to your skin!! and to a prosperous and wrinkle free  Happy New Year.

Bonne Foi