Mother’s Day Gifts

May 9, 2012


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Mother’s day is a holiday that was first celebrated in the U.S. during the 1900’s. It is said that a woman named Anna Jarvis began the tradition by honoring her own Mother and inviting other families to participate.

Mother’s Day is every year on the second Sunday in May. For most of us, sadly not all of us, our Mom’s were our biggest supporters, cheerleaders and listeners. They encouraged us, pushed us to be our best, corrected us when it was necessary, and held us when we cried.It is a custom to shower Moms with special meals, treats and gifts. There are special Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements, Mugs, chocolates, and the applicance companies would like you to think that every Mom wants a new vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. Let me tell you a little secret, almost without exception, unless your Mother or wife asks specifically for an appliance, don’t get her one for Mother’s Day. 

In Honor of all the Mothers, everywhere, Bonne-Foi is offering a special deal, which will end on Mother’s Day. If you are a current customer, we appreciate your order, and if you have a Mom who uses Bonne Foi, she will love this gift. For those of you who haven’t tried our natural skin care products, we welcome you, and know you will love them

Happy Mother’s Day to you, from Bonne Foi