Mother’s Day Special

May 3, 2012


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 You can save money and give your Mother the Gift of beautiful, soft skin at the same time. 

 Bonne Foi’s products have been developed using the finest ingredients, exhaustive research, and the highest of standards. At the same time we made it our mission to keep our prices reasonable. We wanted a high-quality skin care product at an affordable price. Our system of products makes your skin smoother; each one has it’s own unique function but overall, it tightens pores, and nourishes your skin. It also makes wrinkles disappear, and takes away dry, flaky patches of skin. The Seaweed Extract formula will help plump up your skin, while the lactic acid product will gently exfoliate and take away the old, dead skin cells. The Keratin hair-care product infuses the hair shaft with Keratin, and makes your hair stronger and thicker. 

 In honor of  Mother’s Day, Bonne Foi is offering this special, when you purchase one of our high quality products, you can get another FREE. This special is only available until May 13, 2012, so hurry!! Please see below for instructions..