Natural Skin Care for 50 Somethings

Jan 26, 2013


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If you are a fifty something will Bonne Foi natural skin care still help? Yes it will and we have proof. This fall we held a party where the Customers and other invitees in attendance ranged in age from late 20’s to early 70’s. Both men and women were in attendance.

At the party we asked people who were using our Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care line to volunteer video testimonials. We did not pay them, nor did we give them a script, all we asked was they speak from their heart about what Bonne Foi did for them.

Two women in their 50’s talked about their experiences using Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care. These customers had those unsightly brown age spots on their faces and hands. No matter what other products they tried, the brown spots never went away completely. After using Bonne Foi’s skin care regimen for only a few weeks, they woke up to clear, unmarked skin.

One Mom told us how her young daughter had been suffering with skin blemishes and how much of a difference Bonne Foi made in her life. Our specially formulated PH balance skin care line changed her teenage daughter’s life.   Another person, a man, recounted his story of how looking better after using Bonne Foi inspired him to quit smoking and lose weight. From years of heavy smoking, not eating right, and too much time spent in the sun, his face looked aged beyond his years. After a few weeks of using our entire skin care line, he looked younger and felt good about what he saw in the mirror. It was all up from there.

A man in his late 40’s recounted a story of how, after he stayed in the sun too long without reapplying sunscreen, he ended up with bad sunburn. He used his wife’s Bonne Foi skin cream on his burned skin  and instead of dry and peeling skin that would normally occur after a bad sunburn, his skin healed without any of the expected damage. Bonne Foi makes a difference for anyone who tries it, but perhaps the most drastic results are for those people who have had significant sun damage to their skin.


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