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Mar 6, 2013


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Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care

Bonne Foi’s beginnings are already chronicled in our blog, but it has been a while since I wrote that post and lately people have been asking questions which I thought I should address.

Bonne Foi’s story goes like this. As a young woman I problem skin which left my face somewhat scarred and the texture of my skin overall was not good. Plus I had dry skin. For years I tried every high end skin care line on the market. My skin never ended up looking as good as the labels and commercials promised it would. I wanted a natural product, made in the USA, that I could feel completely comfortable with and that WOULD WORK!

Sometimes, when we internalize a specific thought, things will come our way.  In a chance meeting I was introduced to the gentleman who was to become our chemist for Bonne Foi. He had been working anti-aging products for more than a decade. His most recent work was developing a formula based upon the Nobel Prize winning theory developed by Dr. Peter Agre.  In 2003, Dr. Agre had published his theory which showed how, with the right formula, one could penetrate a cell wall and replenish it with moisture that naturally gets lost over time. He called them Aquaporins.

We had a great conversation, and he offered his formula to me to go ahead and test on my own and see if I would agree that he had produced a superior line of products. I must admit I was still somewhat skeptical, so I kind of put his products aside, but then one day I said, it’s time. I finally decided to stop using all other skin care products and to give his formula a try. I wasn’t certain what to expect but after just a few days as I was getting ready for my day, I looked in the mirror, and noticed that I somehow looked different.

 At first, I thought maybe I had gained a pound or so because my face looked fuller and the texture of my skin looked smoother and softer.  When I tried on my jeans and they still fit fine I knew that  weight gain was not the cause. One week passed by, every morning when I first woke up I looked into the mirror and asked myself “is a dream come true, is this a miracle is happening?” My skin looked noticeably better.  I wished for a miracle and indeed a miracle did happen!

 The made in the USA test product that is now Bonne Foi not only improved my skin’s PH balance, it tightened my pores and made my acne scars less noticeable. My family and friends began to comment that my skin tone had become lighter and was glowing beautifully.

Not only was I excited by the results, I wanted to understand why these products worked when nothing else had.  Why, after all these years of  using other top brand anti-aging skin care, was there not a notable  difference, yet with this product I  had felt and seen remarkable differences in only two weeks? The more questions that I raised, the more extensive research I did. I had numerous meetings and in depth discussions with the chemist in the following months. He explained his special technique which involved a lengthy process to develop the final product.  Every Bonne Foi product has been processed using this same secret method. I knew I had at last found the ultimate answer for the fountain of youth after lifetime spent searching.

After these lengthy conversations, the research and seeing the results for myself, I felt excited. This is a product that does what we way it will do. Ultimately, I believe it was my faith that led me down this path.  My faith there was something better out there. It led me to this chemist, and together we have developed this new, natural, anti-aging skin care line.

 “Bonne Foi” means “Good Faith” and with this good faith, I believe we have the answer of how to formulate products which can rejuvenate our skin and greatly slow down the aging process. Bonne Foi contains 90% of natural ingredients, and no harmful chemicals.  

My wish is for everyone to continue grows old gracefully, and “Bonne Foi” will be with you all the way. With good faith and good wishes, I offer my Bonne Foi to you and yours.

Shirley Hsueh

Bonne Foi