Natural Summer!

Apr 27, 2013


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Pink summer hat Bonne Foi

Ahh, summer. That seems to be the theme of our blog for the past few posts. The smell in the air, the sun shining on your skin. Just remember to use your Bonne Foi Ultra Light Face Cream, apply sun screen, and the summer weather will be a delight.  

It’s going to be hot this summer so wear clothing that breathes well and won’t overheat you. Put on one of those summer sun dresses in light, flowy fabrics, the strappy sandals in pinks, greens, blues and silvers are liberating after the closed up shoes of winter. Sandals and beach days are a must for summer.

But the best summer accessory? A fashionable, lightweight hat. A summer hat can do so much for your look. If you are just running out to do errands, your hair pulled back in a pony tail with your summer sundress on, throw on a hat like this one, put on some pink lip gloss and you will look put together and fresh. No ducking behind the racks so you don’t get embarrassed running into friends and neighbors! 

Bonne Foi