New Fashion to Save Your Feet

Apr 12, 2013


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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!

Who doesn’t love shoes? Most women (and many men) are slaves to shoe fashion. We love our shoes. A bad day can be saved by a shopping trip that nets us a few pair of hot new shoes. A plain dress can become fun and playful when paired with a bright red or lemon yellow pair of shoes. The wrong shoes can bring the outfit down, the right shoes can get you noticed!

Over the past four years, women’s shoes have been made with higher and higher heels. The shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they are downright dangerous. First off, you can fall of them and hurt yourself. Secondly, as we put in our post, they are bad for our legs and backs.

Can you imagine how relieved I was to see that this year’s shoe fashions include  a bevy of options with a much lower heel, without sacrificing style? Elle Magazine has a slide show in this month’s issue; there are some gorgeous options, from $50 to the high hundreds. In our estimation, it usually makes the most sense to spend little less on very trendy, super cute shoes, and more money on the shoes that are timeless…


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Now, go find some great summer shoes that will keep you looking stylish without hurting your feet!!

Bonne Foi