New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Jan 18, 2012


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Every year people make lofty New Year’s Resolutions that involve drastic changes to their lifestyles. Often, the resolutions are so restrictive people fall off the wagon a few times, and then they give up on them altogether. Well, I have a different idea.

Instead of making grand, sweeping New Year’s Resolutions this year, how about making a series of small, manageable steps? This site is about Natural Skin Care products and things you can do to make your skin look better and more youthful, and the things you can do for your skin almost always benefit your whole body and soul.

Start with something like this: fruits such as oranges, strawberries and blueberries are high in antioxidants. They are good for your skin as well as your overall health. If you prefer to have a more natural approach to skin care and good health, these are great foods to eat. What if, instead of a donut, a bagel, or a high-sugar cereal you had a small bowl of berries for breakfast with a slice of low-fat cheese? You don’t have to eat this type of meal every day–just promise yourself to do this twice a week. It is a small change, nothing drastic, not that hard to stick to, and if you do it every week, or even a few times a week, it will make a difference.

Another small change would be to substitute a salad for lunch one day a week.  A drastic New Year’s Resolution would be, “I am going to eat nothing but salads for lunch every day!” The first time you break down and eat a cheeseburger, you are going to give up on that one. Instead, try this: “Once a week I will have a salad for lunch.” When you order the salad, don’t smother it in a high-fat dressing.  Order the Italian-style light dressing, and a Ranch dressing on the side. If you have to use Ranch or some other more fattening dressing, mix the two together. It will be more fattening than if you ate only the low-fat Italian dressing, but still better than a large serving of high-fat Ranch dressing.

You can also be more aware of how much you are eating without trying to severely restrict your intake. Eat until you are full, and only put dressing on the parts of the salad you are eating. You can save the rest of the salad to have with your dinner if you like, or even to eat the next day. Just make a small change, one day a week.

If you aren’t in the habit of washing your face before you go to bed, then think about this: when you change your clothes after work, wash your face as well. At least that way you won’t be sleeping in your makeup and the grime from the day. Then, just rinse your face and use your Bonne Foi night tonic before bed.

Small Changes and Resolutions you can keep are better than making Commitments you won’t keep. If you make small changes, and begin to see results, you are more apt to keep them up, and make more small changes. All of those small changes will begin to add up!