Nutrition and Skin Health – It’s what inside that counts!!!

Oct 4, 2011


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Why maintain PH balance is important?

Maintaing the correct PH Balance for your skin is something you can control with both your diet and the foods you eat. True beauty goes deeper than just the skin! The best way to prevent some of the typical signs of aging and to have  good skin and hair, it’s not only about what we apply to the outside, but what we put inside of our bodies. A diet high in antioxidants and nutrients can help balance your PH. levels  may  be  one of the keys to slowing the signs of aging.

Nutrition and Skin

It is commonly known that almost all skin and hair  problems are caused by a poor diet, stress, smoking, alcohol, lack  of exercise, sun exposure, poor skin care and not drinking enough water.

Most soaps tend to have high levels of alkaline, therefore affecting the natural balance just by cleaning your face. While shopping for beauty products, check to see if it mentions “ph balanced” or even a ph number. Anything within the range or 4-7 would be best. If the product  contains alpha hydroxy acids, it is going to assist your skin in maintaining a healthy ph.

You will also want to be aware of  the quality of products you buy. Oil based and fillers can harm skin. These will clog your skin and stop your sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) from producing natural oils needed to  protect and maintain the health of your skin.

Not too many people know or understand how PH will play  such an important role with skin, health and aging. Bonne Foi’s special  formulations based on three scientific principles and one of them is to maintain  your skin’s natural PH balance. During the day with all kinds of activities,  the acidic level of the skin increase and PH level is off balance, this will  speed up the aging process.