Preparing for the New Year

Dec 23, 2012


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Happy Holidays. We hope you enjoy everything about the next few days. And we wish you the best in the coming year.

Last year at this time, we posted about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a prickly pesky thing that  feel we should do out of respect for tradition, but we hesitate because almost every year we have the same resolutions, and by the end of January, we have broken most of them. This year we have a suggestion. Resolve to be good to yourself. Period. What does that mean? It means simply asking your body what it wants. Don’t neglect to eat a good breakfast. Eat a lowfat yogurt and a piece of fruit instead of just rushing out the door with an empty stomach. That way those left over cookies in the break room won’t be quite so tempting.

Have a salad for lunch once or twice a week. Even if it’s a fast food salad, it will be better for you than a burger. Make it a habit to use sunscreen. And use your  Bonne Foi face natural skin care products. Make it a part of your daily routine. Keep your Bonne Foi face wash right in the shower. Once you have rinsed off, and just before you get out of the shower, use the cleanser to wash your face.

Don’t push a heavy duty exercise routine on yourself. Get up just ten minutes earlier in the morning and take a brisk walk. Or simply sit down on the floor and put your feet out in front of you and stretch to your toes. If you can’t touch your toes when you first start out, don’t worry. Do not strain your back–just gently try to reach further and further. Then stand up and reach for the sky, move your arms out wide from your hips, reach to the sides and gently arc up until your hands are over your head. Then take your arms and gently stretch them back behind you. This will increase circulation to your upper body. Stretch down and touch your toes, let your arms dangle for a few seconds, and then gently reach back up towards the sky.

Check your attitude. If you start to have too many negative thoughts, just think of one thing you are grateful for. Smile at a stranger and say hello to your neighbors. Make a list of things you like about yourself, we are all very good at only seeing the parts of our bodies we don’t like. Enjoy your life just a little bit more…