Skin Care Series-40 Somethings

Dec 14, 2011


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Skin changes in our 40’s

Skin Care in your 40s

At the beginning of your 40th year, if you have been taking good care of your skin all along, you might not notice anything different. Your pores are normal-sized, and there are just a few laugh lines around your eyes and mouth. You have been using sunscreen, a quality moisturizer (as well as a night cream with Retinol), eating well and NOT SMOKING (the best prevention against skin aging).
You are certain you have done all of the right things (or at least most of them) most of the time. But then you wake up one morning, you look in the mirror, and you see the signs of aging have not just begun to creep up on you–they are there in full force!!

As we age, our Hormone-levels fluctuate; we lose Estrogen, our skin tone changes. Formerly oily skin becomes dryer, pores enlarge, and wrinkles begin to form and deepen with each day. Your skin will get thinner and your jawline can begin to sag. It seems to happen overnight.

You can’t stop all the signs of aging, or turn back the clock. But there is hope. All of our Bonne Foi products have been developed based upon award-winning research and use natural ingredients to produce a more youthful-looking skin texture. We incorporate the use of seaweed, an organic source of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 , omega-6 and anti-oxidants into our products. Our research, and the research of many others, has discovered a diet rich in these nutrients is one of the primary ways to maintain healthy skin and hair. Eating green leafy vegetables and taking natural, plant-based supplements which are high in beta carotene and vitamin C, as well as drinking plenty of water and green tea, are known to help keep skin and hair in top shape.

Here are Seven things you can do to keep your skin looking beautiful:

1. Use Sunscreen

2. Wash your face with a specialized face wash, NOT SOAP

3. Use a skin protecting moisturizer under your make up

4. Eat foods rich in Omega 3 and beta carotene, like fish, carrots, spinach and broccoli

5. Use a gentle cleanser and a product with a Retinol for overnight; this will help gently exfoliate

6. Apply a light eye cream on the thin, delicate skin around your eyes

7. Look for Products that contain the ability to plump up your cells and keep them hydrated

In the market place today, there are products that contain many of these ingredients. Some contain more than others, but not all of them contain the ingredients in the amounts which will do you the most good. The Bonne Foi line is specially formulated with the most highly recommended ingredients, and also contains the bioactive ingredient in seaweed called FUCOIDAN which has a powerful anti-aging effect. Research indicates that Fucoidan not only has the ability to strengthen the immune system: it also helps to regenerate cells.