Smokey Eyes for Holiday Parties

Dec 7, 2011


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Beatiful Smokey Eyes

Party and entertaining time began just after Thanksgiving and it seems the closer we get to Christmas the busierour lives get.  For so many of us the company Christmas party is fun (sometimes), as well as mandatory.  A portion of the party’s importance  how you look when you get there. Looking good is an important tool in the arsenal of tools you use to advance your career. You don’t want to look like you have too much makeup on, but you do want to look as though you’ve prepared for the special event. What if you don’t have a company party? What if it is just a neighborhood get-together? It is still important to look good. Yet, most of all, you also want to look like yourself.

Looking good doesn’t just affect how you feel, it also affects how people perceive you. On the TV Show, What Not to Wear, they feature  men and women who have lost a sense of themselves: the show’s hosts, Stacey and Clinton, teach these men and women how to dress well and how to create stronger identities by wearing well-made clothing, new hairstyles and good makeup.  I am always the most impressed by what a little bit of light makeup does to transform so many of the women.  If you feel like you already have a handle on dressing well, and a good hair stylist, then please check out tips from for applying makeup just the right way:

The Focus: Smoky, Seductive Eyes The Pro’s Secrets

  1. Apply an eye shadow primer that closely matches the color of your lids; a very thin layer is enough to keep the shadow from creasing, fading, or smudging—and won’t make the color look cakey.

  2. Use a brush to blend a shimmery lavender eye shadow from your upper lash line to just above the crease of your lid. With a liner brush, trace the same shade below your bottom lashes (and although the purple you see here flatters every skin tone, if you’re pale—and a little color-shy—you can try a lighter shade).

  3. Apply two coats of mascara. A volumizing formula will add the length and thickness you need to match the dramatic effect of the colorful shadow.

 4. Complete the Look Blend a raspberry blush on the apples of your cheeks—make sure it’s matte (shimmer on your eyes and face is too much of a good thing). A bronze lipstick is a perfect complement to bold, color-saturated eye makeup…

Always remember, makeup won’t fix problems with your skin, so it is still important to use a natural skin care regimen that will keep your skin looking smooth and glowing, and please don’t forget to wash any makeup off your face before you go to bed…

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