Spa Treatments You Can Make At Home

Feb 25, 2012


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I went to a spa recently for a few hours of pampering, and one of the treatments I chose was called a Sugar Scrub. I had heard that stars like Jennifer Lopez getting treatments like these before they appear on the infamous Red Carpet.  The massage therapist covered my body in this mixture of oil, sugar and the scent of lavender. Not only did it feel wonderful, my skin was much softer and smoother for days. During the winter, even here in sunny Orange County, my skin will get dry, rough and flaky. It seems no amount of hand or body lotion will keep it feeling soft and smooth all day.

I thought about how soft and smooth my arms and legs felt after that spa treatment, so I went on the hunt for something I could make at home and use more often to keep my skin soft and glowing. I round a few different recipes, and because I always have Olive Oil and sugar in the house, I personally chose that one. It is worth it to go out an purchase the key ingredients for some of the other recipes.

I put two different ones here in the blog this week, try them out, let me know what you think:

               From Vermont Soap Works:


  • 50 percent white cane sugar
  • 50 percent vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar (I used avocado oil since I was out of vegetable glycerin and it proved to be a successful substitute)
  • Small amounts of aloe vera gel, vitamin C crystals, or anything healing that dissolves in water
  • 1 or 2 drops of essential oil if desired (Larry recommends combining orange and lavender)
  • Enough ground hibiscus powder for pink color (if desired)


Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Scoop some of the scrub onto your hand and massage gently onto your skin for a minute (the scrub will actually tighten onto your skin like a masque). Leave on for 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing.

                                             Or Try This Recipe

  • ·       50 percent white cane sugar
  • ·       50 percent olive oil
  • ·       A tablespoon of Vitamin C crystals
  • ·       2 drops of Orange Oil  


Combine the ingredients into a bowl, scoop the scrub into your hand and gently rub the mixture over your body. For extra rough areas like your heels and elbows, scrub twice. Leave on for 3 or 4 minutes and rinse off.

  You will feel like a new woman, and men, don’t tell anyone, but it will work wonders for your skin as well!!