Summer Time – Hints for Keeping Your Skin Happy

Jul 28, 2012


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The weather is heating up and summer is in full swing. It feels good to be out in the warm sun, to catch to coolness of the ocean breezes and our bodies love to soak up all that great Vitamin d. The downside to all of this is the damage we can do to our skin with prolonged exposure to the sun. What are we to do?

First, use your sunscreen. Leave an extra bottle of it in your car, purse, or briefcase and re-apply it regularly. For men and women alike, hats are once again in fashion, so wear one. Keep a long sleeved shirt handy to slip on even when the weather is warm. Women have more choices than men; we can use big bold sunglasses to protect our eyes and the fragile skin surrounding them. We can wear lightweight scarves around our necks that can also serves as head and chest protection. Long, light weight skirts or slacks made from cool, lightweight linen. 

What else can we do? 

1.     Start with a base of natural skin care -In the morning, after you wash your hair in the shower, use our Bonn Foi cleanser to clear off any dirt and residue left from the shampoo. Bonne Foi’s mildly alkaline Cell Rejuvenation Tonic balances our your skin’s PH and opens up the molecular water channels into your skin’s cells, allowing the youth enhancing nutrients of the Bonne Foi Day Serum to flow in. 

2.     Protect your eyes, apply Bonne Foi’s Firming Eye Serum to prevent wrinkles from forming around the eyes hydrate dry skin. Our Eye Serum contains antioxidant-rich extracts that boost your skin’s collagen, and imporves the elasticity and firmness in the delicate eye area. 

3.     For your lips,  UV rays can dry out your lips and lead to fine lines. Create a barrier from the sun with a summertime lip gloss.Look for ones that contain minerals that block UVA and UVB rays. It will also moisturize and leaves a hint of shimmer.  Here is a secret, some of use a touch of the Firming Eye Serum around our lips as well…shhhh

4.     Neck and face, One way to maintain that youthful complexion is  by using a broad-spectrum sun protection product on your face and neck every day, no matter what the activity. Even if you are only running errands. Prolonged sun exposure through car windows can still do significant damage to your face andhands.  Choose a water resistant formula that you can use at the beach and pool, as well as on outdoor excursions. 

Sunshine is a great natural source of Vitaimin D, so getting a little sunshine every day is good for your health and great for your spirits. Just remember to be careful, don’t get too much exposure and use these hints to keep yourself feeling protected.