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Cameron Diaz Says She is Looking Forward to Old Age?

Apr 24, 2014


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A refreshing look at growing older. Most of us work hard to keep our ages to ourselves, Using every new fangled gimmick to try to get rid of age spots, wrinkles and crows feet. While you can tell when you look at her that Cameron Diaz takes good care of herself, she is not afraid of growing older. She eats well, exercises, take care of her skin, but she is not obsessed:

““I can’t wait to be older,” she says with an ear-to-ear dimpled smile. It’s an unusual thing to hear from an A-lister in Hollywood, where the cult of youth still rules supreme, though Diaz sees it differently. “This is something we really need to reframe,” she says. “The most interesting parts are for women who are over 40. We don’t see it that way, because they’re not the sexy parts. Look at the Oscar nominees in the last decade.” Diaz reels off a list that includes Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench. “We’re not giving those women enough credit for what they’re accomplishing, which is beautiful performances.”

I can see her point. As a beautiful, youthful actress, she is probably offered less of the challenging character work, and more of the romantic comedy, silly roles.

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