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Are Vitamins Good for Your Skin?

Jan 6, 2014


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Vitamins are a source of some controversy right now. For years the big manufacturers of of vitamins and supplements and even the medical profession have been touting the benefits of vitamins and minerals. At Bonne Foi, although we don’t dispute the importance of vitamins and minerals, we know that those vitamins and minerals benefit you more when they come from fresh, pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

Apples and broccoli will do more for your skin than a tablet from a bottle. The fish oil in a piece of fresh salmon will do plenty to keep your mind sharp and your skin soft and clear of wrinkles. Green Tea and is another source of anti-oxidants that will help not only with skin and hair, but also with weight loss. Grape seeds extract, coconut oil and coconut water all have great benefits for your skin and health. One of the very best ways to keep your skin looking beautiful and smooth is Olive Oil. Instead of butter, use olive oil for cooking, on your bread, and you can even spread a light layer of it on your feet and legs at night to keep your skin soft and smooth.

At Bonne Foi, Olive oil is one of the ingredients in our skin care line. No matter what the various studies say, it is always best to do things in moderation. Never take more than the recommended dosages for any vitamin or nutritional supplement. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. You can cause illness and liver failure when taking too much of any supplement. Our advice is get your nutrients from good food.

Take care and eat well…

Bonne Foi

Skin Care Myths

Jan 2, 2014


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At Bonne Foi we have posted about the importance of using our Bonne Foi Skin care products to protect your skin and to help diminish signs of aging, such as brown spots and wrinkles. We have also talked about the need to put sunscreen on every day, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. We have also talked about the great benefits of eating healthy, fresh colorful foods, and how bad it is for your skin to use soap on your face. It is so rewarding when we see our information backed up by other sources. Here is an excerpt of a recent post on WebMD:

“Myth: You don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day.

Even on a cloudy day, UV radiation from the sun reaches the earth’s surface. So make sure you use sunscreen every day and reapply it every two hours as well as after swimming or sweating. Also, don’t fall prey to the myth that you’re protected just because you’re wearing makeup with an SPF. According to Leslie Bauman, MD, director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Group and author of The Skin Type Solution, you would have to put on 14 or 15 times the amount of makeup that a normal person would wear to reach the SPF on the label of powdered makeup. The same thing goes for foundation and liquid makeup. Make sure you use sunscreen in addition to your makeup.

Myth: Scrubbing your face with soap will keep your skin healthy and acne free.

“When you scrub your face, you’re taking off some of the protective oils and barriers, which tends to lead to rashes and even burns,” says Sandy Johnson, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Johnson Dermatology Group in Fort Smith, Ark. Instead, she says, use a gentle cleanser followed by a moisturizer or sunscreen.” At Bonne Foi we hope that 2014 will be a great year for you. We also hope that our skin care line becomes a part of your new skin care regimen this year, and that you will follow our blog as we try to bring you the best advice about skin care!!


Happy New Year!!!


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Leopard Fashionista!

Oct 29, 2013


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Leopard print….a dash or a smash…..from scarves to shoes to leggings and dresses to bags of every type! And, especially now, a great leopard print jacket for the cooler weather is always on trend and has been a mainstay of the fashion runways this year. Here a few tips to think about when adding a bit of leopard or “animal” print to your wardrobe. It’s a great way to capture the eye and add pizzazz to your outfit, but so important to pay attention to how it will work for you. First, remember that adding a “dash” is great with the rest of your ensemble being more neutral. Second, keep it simple. Remember that adding a scarf, bag or shoes to your outfit which has clean, simple lines works best.

Third, if an entire piece of clothing in leopard print is too bold for you, stick with the “dash”, rather than going with the smash! Fourth, be careful in your choice of fabrics when choosing an item of clothing. Go with what flatters your body and style. And, last but not least, my fifth tip….if you are going with leopard print, stay with the “traditional” colors rather than the neon version of the print. Stay with the “real” life colors and add to your wardrobe which will always be “on trend”! From hats, dresses, tops, scarves, and bags to swimsuits, there are a limitless amount of choices that will add to your wardrobe and always be a part of it! Have fun with this “year after year” trend and be fierce!

A Bonne Foi Event, and You’re Invited!!

Nov 1, 2012


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Join us for an evening of fun!! 

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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Jan 19, 2012


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Every year people make lofty New Year’s Resolutions that involve drastic changes to their lifestyles. Often, the resolutions are so restrictive people fall off the wagon a few times, and then they give up on them altogether. Well, I have a different idea.

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Smokey Eyes for Holiday Parties

Dec 8, 2011


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Holiday Celebrations Around Huntington Beach!!

Dec 3, 2011


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Happy Holidays!! Tis the beginning of the Holiday Season, and all throughout Orange County there are wonderful things to do!!

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Skin Care Series 30 Somethings!!

Nov 30, 2011


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Having Beautiful Skin at 30

Acne, at 30?  Say it isn’t so!! Acne is for teenagers, right? But here you are, in your thirties and still getting pimples?

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Keratin Serum for the Hair We Really Want.

Sep 20, 2011


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Keratin Hair Serum

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